May 22, 2024

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Activists rescued 386 dogs that were to be eaten in China's Yulin Festival

Activists rescued 386 dogs that were to be eaten in China’s Yulin Festival

Chinese police have intercepted a truck carrying 386 dogs that were due to be slaughtered at the annual festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin. The consumption of dog meat is one of the traditions of the event scheduled to begin on Tuesday (21/6), the summer solstice.

Pictures published by the British newspaper The Guardian show dogs crammed into wire cages in precarious conditions. When it was discovered that the truck was transporting the animals last weekend, activists feared that some might contract infectious diseases. Then they reported the car to the police, citing the country’s laws on epidemic prevention.

“It was shocking to see so many dogs in such a terrible condition, it was like a truck from hell for these poor animals. Lin Xiong, an activist who saw the truck being stopped by the police, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

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According to The Guardian, animal rights activists have scrutinized China’s laws and regulations to persuade authorities to halt the Yulin Festival.

“There are regulations that explain how animals are handled, for example the legally required quarantine check certificates. But it is clear that those who were carrying dogs did not comply with these regulations. We have to remind them [desses regulamentos]as well as the authorities,” says activist Xiao He, from the city of Shaanxi, citing the British newspaper.

The dogs rescued from the truck were of different breeds, sizes, and health conditions. They may have been domestic, stolen, or captured stray animals. They were sent to quarantine.

Chinese activists told the Guardian that the pets were handed over to the Beijing-based animal welfare NGO, after the dealers signed an agreement to give up ownership of the dogs.

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