June 16, 2024

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AF news |  Cities |  Dom Orion Hospital will return to work through Server after the government pays 90% of the debt

AF news | Cities | Dom Orion Hospital will return to work through Server after the government pays 90% of the debt

From 1 April, users of the health plan for public servants in Tocantins (Server) will again be serviced by Hospital de Orion de Araguaña. The term of approval for the unit was signed on Friday (25th), by Governor Wanderley Barbosa during a visit to the city, benefiting more than 19,000 users of the plan in Araguena and the region.

Services to users of Server Nu Hospital stopped in August last year, during the administration of the former governor Mauro Carles (UB)due to non-payment by the state government.

“Don Orion, when we learned of his indebtedness, I was deeply saddened, and I am happy to say that in this period of time we can indeed celebrate the repayment of this debt in the order of 90%. People with austerity”Governor Wanderley Barbossa said.

“I would like to ask Secretary Afonso and he says to me: ‘Wanderley, Dom Orione is the team that offers the lowest rate in ICUs in the state.’ It makes us happy because we know the service is high quality and we know we will bring good to our residents.”the governor added.

Wanderlei also promised to pay on time. “Dad, we want you to listen to us, we have you as one of our advisors. If we fail to pay: ‘Wanderlei, you said you’d pay us to keep the payroll'”Scored

The Director and President of Dom Orion Hospital, Father Bruno Rodrigues, celebrated the signing of the term. “There was a difficult situation regarding the maintenance of the plan service at the hospital and the problem was resolved with the arrival of Governor Wanderley. For us, the agreement means fulfilling the mission of Dom Orion Hospital and the servant returning to this happy home”shaded.

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Dom Orion has been serving the northern region of Tocantins for 46 years, being the oldest private hospital, still operating, in the city of Araguaña. As it is a charitable hospital unit, it needs to allocate 60% of care to the Unified Health System (SUS), providing services in obstetrics, neonatology, neonatal intensive care unit, cardiac surgery and embolization free of charge to the residents. With Servir accreditation, state servers will have access to over 50 hospital medical specialties.

He calls state servant and nurse Nilcilene Pinto you know well. For many years, the server and her family have been users of Servir no Hospital services. “It is a great joy [retornar]. Without the services of Don Orion, it was a melancholy. I am using Servir and my siblings and my parents so the hospital for us is a reference and return service is very good”celebrate.

Oncology Unit

On Friday afternoon, the governor visited the regional hospital in Araguaña, the oncology sector and the unit’s high-complexity oncology work, which is nearly 95% complete. The unit will have outpatient clinics, dispensary, dental offices, administrative sector, auditorium, day hospital, mini procedure room, ultrasound room, consolidation of tumor records in the integrated center, which will also contain chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy services.