May 30, 2024

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The former Minister of Health of Bosnia and Herzegovina will help develop the plan of the Khalil government

The former Minister of Health of Bosnia and Herzegovina will help develop the plan of the Khalil government

Jackson Machado, former Minister of Health of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was touched by his leaving City Hall (Photo: Matheus Muratori/EM/DA Press)

Alexandre Khalil’s (PSD) campaign for governor of Minas Gerais, in the 2022 general election, will have an old acquaintance as a “source”: Jackson Machado, Minister of Health of Belo Horizonte during Khalil’s time as mayor in January 2017 until On Friday (3/25). So this morning The CEO announced his resignation to officially announce himself as a pre-candidate for the Minas governmentAnd Machado leaves with Khalil.

Jackson Machado will be one of Khalil’s trusted names in the government race that ends in October. But before that, the doctor, medical doctor, specialist and master in dermatology will take a rest and return to his private clinic.

“I will help him write his plan for the government of Minas, but I will go back a little to my own medical practice, and I will take back a little of what I have failed to gain in these years before the health of the town hall. But I will rest, mainly, because it has been years, five years and some days, very stressful, especially For me, I need to calm down a bit to be able to move on with my life,” he said, Friday, at a press conference.

But the impending ex-secretary says he still doesn’t know who will succeed him in the municipal health department. Now Mayor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fuad Numan (Public Security Directorate), the name should be made official next Tuesday (29), after he takes over as CEO. The Urban Policy Secretariat, chaired by Maria Caldas, will have a new chairperson.

“Mayor Fouad will announce it soon. I don’t know yet, he hasn’t told me, but I’m sure he wouldn’t choose someone who is not able to run the Health Trust, which is a gigantic trust, in front of huge challenges, but I also wanted to say that until I nominate that person, I will continue to take over Responsibility for health, next week, so as not to let health stop, and health does not stop,” he said.

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“There is no doubt that it was something totally unexpected, but I felt fully prepared to face it, and cooperated with several highly qualified people, which made the difference. Also, as I said, it was with the help of the cooperation of the residents, who listened to what we asked and understood that It is necessary in those moments to make what was a great sacrifice. We knew the side effects, all the actions the mayor advised us to take, but life is more important than anything else.”

Finally, Jackson, who bid farewell to City Hall, also thanked: “I would like to thank the city council team, I would like to thank the health team, and I would like to thank the residents of Belo Horizonte, who contributed, understood the message that was necessary to do, and that made Belo Horizonte is a model for the country and for the world.