June 6, 2023

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Prince Harry returns to the UK to record the Netflix series

Afghanistan pop star escapes US cargo plane

Sao Paulo, S.P. Women fear that their rights will be lost once the Taliban come to power in the country.

The artist posted a photo of herself near her husband, creating a victory sign inside an American cargo plane. In the picture, you can see the American flag in the background and the place where people are sitting on the ground.

“I’m fine and alive. After some memorable nights I arrived in Doha, Qatar. I’m looking forward to returning home to Istanbul,” the woman wrote to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Later, the artist’s husband, producer Haseeb Saeed, released a video of the singer falling asleep as she boarded a flight from Qatar to Turkey.

“I looked at her and thought she had bravely and fearlessly handled the latest, most difficult and most dangerous moments of her life,” the singer’s husband wrote.

Syed also wrote that for many his wife may be an artist with a beautiful voice and exceptional talent. “But for me, she’s a fearless champion, and she has often been a role model for me.

The singer was a supporter of the Afghan military and has said this many times before the Taliban took over the country. Other women, such as Salima Mazari, one of the country’s first governors, have already been arrested.

Masari was an outspoken critic of the Taliban during her tenure as governor of Hazara district and fears she could be hanged by the Taliban.

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