June 23, 2024

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After a shark kills a surfer, swimmers are banned from going into the sea in California

LOS ANGELES – A surfer was killed by a shark at sea in Morro Bay, a city in California, in the United States. This information was confirmed by Morro Bay City, and the body of the unidentified man was found around 10:00 am Friday. As a security measure, the local authorities decided to prevent swimmers from entering the beach waters in the area.

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Authorities arrived at the scene and alerted residents to the condition of a man found unconscious on the beach. A statement from Morro Bay Police said he had been pulled out of the water after being caught by a shark.

“It’s a horrific accident. Fortunately, the weather and winds ruined surfing today, so we have very few people out at sea. However, we’ve closed the waters as a precaution,” Eric Endersp, director of the city’s port management, told CNN.

Shark attacks are rare in California, with only 199 attacks reported since the 1950s, and only 14 of them resulting in death, according to data from the state government’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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