July 25, 2024

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After being taken out of The Farm, Sthe finds out that she is single and cries in her dressing room

After being taken out of The Farm, Sthe finds out that she is single and cries in her dressing room

Leaving a reality show and facing all the news from the world “here” is always a shocker for the participants who have been locked up for months. But for Sthe it was more than that. In addition to the discovery of a BaVi drop, she was reported by third parties that she was celibate.

The awful woman from São Caetano entered the reality of Record, the bride of influencer and businessman Victor Igor. However, she became “moy friends” with Dynho Alves during confinement, putting a flea behind the audience’s ear and the fiancé, who ended the relationship and announced it on social media for everyone to know.

Everyone but the most interested: Sthe.

She discovered her luck at dawn on Wednesday (15) when she was eliminated from A Fazenda. The effect of the revelation couldn’t have been more, told journalist Danny Bafouso, of Record, crying in the locker room.

“We found out that Dynho in the dressing room of ‘A Fazenda’ is setting up the largest hut, he wants to fight the general. And Sthe is in another dressing room … crying,” the journalist revealed, citing the one involved in the alleged betrayal.

Dynho, in fact, also got into the reality show Married. His wife MC Mirella anticipated Victor’s steps and ended the relationship. She even attended parties where signs declared in large font that “Mirella is single.”

Back in Sthe, due to tears and huts, “Decompression Cabin”, a post-elimination interview where pedestrians discover what’s going on outside, is canceled, as is the influencer himself.

Shaken, but without losing her crown, Sthe wiped her tears and found the strength to go to the last party of the farm. However, she couldn’t hide her emotional state and found comfort in Dynho’s arms.

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It’ll be alright, look,” the dancer said to the digital influencer while fraternally hugging her.

Gui Araujo and Mussunzinho also approached and advised Sthe not to be alone at the party.

Stei was also talking to her friend Diane Melo. “Awful, awful. This is the real truth. Look, look at me. Are you in your mind calm?” , asked the model.

“How would I be calm if my life was like this,” the digital influencer stated. “No, calm down. But what have you done here, are you at peace?” Diane Melo asked again. “Of course, I am aware of what you did here,” concluded the former worker.