May 30, 2024

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After praising Rooster's shirt, Diego Costa won a gift from a fan

After praising Rooster’s shirt, Diego Costa won a gift from a fan

hammer between Atletico MG Striker Diego Costa is yet to be defeated, but a fan of the club from Minas Gerais already has a reliable history for the 32-year-old. Everything happened even during the holidays, in September 2019, at a resort in Bahia.

Manager Bruno Leonardo Ricci, 42, and his wife were enjoying days in the Northeast, when he suddenly saw Diego arriving with his family. At that time, the striker was defending Atlético Madrid from Spain. The rooster fan Sergipe waited for the right moment to record the meeting.

“I was at the pool and saw him arriving with his family. I even mentioned it to my wife. It was almost late. I left to take a picture the other day. At night we went to the hotel lobby and he was there too. He took a picture. He saw that I had an Atlético tattoo and he was He jokes about me being a ‘Crazy Rooster.’ We were talking and I said one day he had to play here. He said ‘Who knows.’ He commented that the shirt was very nice and you promised to give it to me as a gift, so he agreed and asked if it was Ronaldinho’s shirt. UOL Sports. Despite saying yes, in the emotion of the moment, the model was from 2019.

“The other morning we went to the pool and he was there. He saw me, greeted me and made a ‘Where’s my shirt’ gesture. I left it in my room. I went there, got it, and gave it to him. At the same time he put it on and we took the picture. He was wearing a Rooster shirt the whole day Today and even swam in it. Everyone at the resort started thinking that he would play in Atlético,” he adds.

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now in worry By appointing Diego’s Recruiting Officer, Bruno knows he made history at the time. He was even the first to make the attacker wear a “sports cloak”.

“Sure. He never thought this would happen. I gave him the shirt and joked that one day he would play here; he agreed. Now, if he really wore the coat, to play, that would be really cool,” he concludes.