May 18, 2024

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In Vasco x Vila Nova, Felipe Fernandez de Lima tells the players: 'Get used to the referees of the second division' |  Vasco

In Vasco x Vila Nova, Felipe Fernandez de Lima tells the players: ‘Get used to the referees of the second division’ | Vasco

In a tense match between Vasco and Villa Nova in Sao Januaro on Tuesday, the harsh behavior of referee Felipe Fernandez de Lima (MG) ended up with the players. Throughout the match, he scored several fouls, gave yellow cards and argued with the players. Rio won 1-0.

Referee Felipe Lima – Photo: Reproduction / Premiere

The Premiere broadcast recorded some of these moments. In one of them, the referee mocked his fellow players: ‘They are used to refereeing the second division’. At another time, Zeca asked for clarification on the reservation, to which Felipe replied: “Explanation I give to my wife.”

Center whistle: Sandro Mira Ricci comments on referee Felipe Fernandez de Lima’s statement

Central do Abito commentator and former referee Sandro Mira Ricci criticized Felipe Fernandez Lima’s stance.

– Situations that we do not really expect from a referee who puts himself at a higher level than the referees of the second division, in other words, the referee of the first division, which would be an elite referee. He has only 25 Serie A matches, but he already considers himself a Serie A referee and his behavior should be exemplary, not least because this match was watched by so many people. Even by many referees who are looking forward to watching the matches they also learn a few things. Today, for me, it wasn’t a match where the referees who watched had to learn something. Felipe’s demeanor was cocky and confrontational. It does not contribute to the relationship with the players or football – Ritchie analyzed.

Best moments with Vasco and Villa Nova

Best moments with Vasco and Villa Nova

Very competitive game. The cards were suppressing emotions. There was an excess of cards. But you have to live from the outside. Everything we say here is complicated, Donato said.

The important thing for me is the game, if we hold things together it becomes very difficult. by arbitration. “I think he handled it well, but it was a little hard to talk to,” Miranda said.

Fan Voice - John: "Vasco's luck is more than cunning to win the victory"

A Voz da Torcida – João: “Vasco’s luck is more than intelligence for victory”

Banner Vasco – Photo: Disclosure