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Against Botafogo, Cruzeiro experiences a positive streak referred to in Series B 2021

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It is far from beautiful. The victory over Curitiba (3-0) at Coto Pereira Stadium gave Raposa more encouragement to continue his dream of reaching. Furthermore, he removed the team from the relegation zone and created an unprecedented achievement potential for the blue team. if i win


Cruzeiro racked up three consecutive wins for the first time in the 2021 B Series.

Before Coxa, coach Vanderlei Luxembourg’s team beat Brazil de Pelotas (2-0) in Independencia. A victory against Fogo, then, means keeping hopes of a place in the 2022 Series A and carrying a G4 member into the schedule. At the moment, the Rio team has 51 points, while the Minas Gerais team has 38 points. The difference between the Raposa and the G4 is 10 points, as fourth place, Joyce, has 48 points.

Cruzeiro only had one chance in this 2021 Series B to score three straight wins. Raposa beat Nautico at Estudio dos Afletos and Conviana in Mineiro 1-0 in rounds 19 and 20. The next match against an Atlantean midfielder, at Studio Rey Bell, ended in a goalless draw.

Three wins in a row in 2020

In her entire history in the B Series, which began in last year’s copy dispute, Cruzeiro has racked up three straight wins just once. And that was on the spot, in the opening three rounds of Secondna 2020.

Raposa beat Botafogo (2-1) in Mineiro. guarani (2 to 3), in gold earring; and Figueirense (0-1), in Orlando Scarpelli. The positive streak was significant due to FIFA’s six-point penalty for not repaying a loan from defensive midfielder Denilson, in the 2016 season. The player played only five times in the blue jersey.

Then, however, the team did not intertwine. Cruzeiro spent most of the competition fighting relegation, without ever entering the G4, and the nightmare didn’t end until the 36th round. Raposa beat Obrio PR (2-1), in Independence, and survived a breakdown to the Second Division.

The coach was Luis Felipe Scolari. Meticulously set to avoid tragedy, he took Filippo Cruzeiro to 11th place with 49 points, 12 points clear of Cuiab, who finished fourth.

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