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Mauro: Flamengo throw three competitions, not to be eliminated - 09/10/2021

Mauro: Flamengo throw three competitions, not to be eliminated – 09/10/2021

NS flamingo He has one of the most united actors football The Brazilian has strengthened this season, with the arrival of defender David Luiz, midfielder Andreas Pereira and striker Kennedy, but coach Renato Gaucho needs to deal with the loss of athletes due to injuries and also due to the invitations of the national teams, now. that Brazilian Championship The matter did not stop in FIFA dates, and the matches of the missing teams were not postponed, which sparked protests from the red and black.

no podcast Ball exercise #167Mauro Cesar Pereira says that the club has built a strong team that aims to compete in various competitions in the season, and not to serve the national teams, noting that, as in the case of European clubs that lose many players, they called up Brazilian football. You must stop, how the flamingo charged.

“I understand it the following way, Flamengo prepare to face three competitions, not four. Flamengo don’t want to play in the qualifiers, so when you assemble a team, Flamengo are in three competitions, Flamengo want to compete in them. The three, the Brazilian, Editors and Cuba do Brasil. For that, he needs a team and then the coach has to switch players, but in addition to that he loses the missing players”, says Mauro Cesar.

Flamengo is the club that complains, unlike Atletico MG, through which the Atlético-MG board is not complaining, the coach says he wants to play, so our point is that Atlético-MG wants to play even without people, damn it, FIFA history, the calendar is not an issue, let’s go and we’re going. Flamengo is the opposite, complains and complains at one point, in my opinion, inappropriate, now with Renato, I have already said, of his complaint at another time and not after the match, “he adds.

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The journalist cites a tweet he posted in 2012, when he criticized the Brazilian football calendar and criticized the fact that it has not changed yet, as well as accepting many who should force changes. Mauro points out that even Argentina stops its competitions when the FIFA dates are held, while Brazil does not follow this trend.

“We were talking about the calendar in 2012 and it’s still bullshit, and it hasn’t changed. Now, what I think is worse in this scenario is compliance.” Oh it’s like that, it’s never going to change.” Even in the press imagine if everything in our lives, in human history, was like this. From protests: “Oh no, leave it like that, everything is fine.” A complaint, unless you think he’s cool, but there are people who think he’s cool, especially those who don’t have a called-up player, “says Mauro.

“Even in Argentina, which is, in many ways, more chaotic than Brazil in football, and look at the chaos there in the AFC and in this Argentine football organization is not an easy thing, even it stops, even Argentina when Argentina stops and stops Brazil doesn’t do that, there is really something very wrong there.”

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