June 6, 2023

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Airbus to open Hydrogen Technology Development Center in UK - Kiwok Brazil

Airbus to open Hydrogen Technology Development Center in UK – Kiwok Brazil

Airbus has said it will open the so-called Zero Emission Development Center (ZEDC) in Philadelphia, UK, to upgrade technologies such as the low – cost cryogenic fuel system for its currently under development ZeroE hydrogen – powered aircraft.

The UK ZEDC will benefit from the UK Government’s recent commitment to raise £ 685 million for the Aerospace Institute of Technology (ATI) over the next three years to develop zero carbon, low emissions aircraft. Airbus ZeroE program engineers have begun developing a short-class, hydrogen-powered aircraft that is scheduled to join service in 2035.

“Establishing ZEDC in the UK expands Airbus’ domestic industry capabilities to design, upgrade, test and manufacture cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks and related systems for Airbus’ four homegrown Zero project,” said Sabine Clock, Airbus’ Director of Technology. . “This, along with our partnership with ATI, will allow us to use our expertise to realize the potential of hydrogen technology to support the decorbonization of the aviation industry.”

Airbus has begun technology development at ZEDC UK and covers all industrial products and resources, from components to the entire system and cryogenics testing. The company calls the development of fuel systems “one of the most complex technologies for the performance of future hydrogen aircraft”. A new building is planned to be built near Airbus’ fuel testing facilities. The company expects to employ about 50 people by 2024 in the early stages of its growth.

ZEDC operates on Airbus ‘current UK research and technology track, works on cryogenic liquid hydrogen tanks, on Airbus’ current ZEDCs (hybrid construction technologies) in Germany and Madrid, and Bremen (metal construction) in Nantes, France and Germany. Technologies). Airbus expects all its ZEDCs to be fully operational and ready for ground testing with a fully operational cryogenic hydrogen tank starting next year. The company plans to launch a tank test aircraft in 2026.

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The UK ZEDC launch last June at Filton was dedicated to £ 40m AIRTeC research and testing facility, wings, landing gear and fuel systems and jointly funded by ATI and Airbus.