June 23, 2024

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Alert hand, foot and mouth disease, common among children

Alert hand, foot and mouth disease, common among children

Unknown hand, foot and mouth disease, Coxsackie group virus, which is transmitted through food, personal contact or contaminated objects.

First, upon contact with the virus, the victim begins to feel symptoms from 3 to 7 days after infection, and the symptoms can be severe.

The list of symptoms includes a fever that can exceed 38°C, severe sore throat, and spots and blisters.

At the slightest sign of infection, a person should go to the doctor, especially in the case of children, whose treatment the pediatrician will direct.

Diagnosis can only be made by a specialist. Your doctor or pediatrician will evaluate symptoms and defects.

Since symptoms are common in some diseases, it is common for a carrier to get confused and not pay due attention, but not make that mistake.

Go to the doctor and order the necessary laboratory tests to avoid the risk.

Know the symptoms

The main symptoms are red spots or blisters on the hands and feet, as well as mouth ulcers in the mouth.

These symptoms usually appear three days after infection, but they are not the only symptoms. See more:

  • fever above 38 ° C;
  • vomiting;
  • Discomfort;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Excessive salivation
  • Sore throat;
  • lack of appetite

Pay attention to symptoms and see your doctor when necessary.

infection and treatment

Therefore, hand, foot and mouth disease, this syndrome was expected to be transmitted through human contact.

Coughing, sneezing, saliva and direct contact with blisters can transmit disease, especially during the first seven days of illness.

However, know that even after recovery, the virus can still be transmitted through the stool for about 4 weeks.

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The main thing is to stay away from infected people, do not share personal and non-transferable items, wash your hands after coughing, sneezing, etc.

The virus can also be transmitted through food, so wash food thoroughly before eating it.

So as for the treatment it will be the use of anti-fever, pain and anti-inflammatory medicines, medicines and ointments for itching and canker sores.

Finally, remember that treatment should always be directed by a doctor.

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