May 30, 2024

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State Department of Health Bulletin - Novel Coronavirus

State Department of Health Bulletin – Novel Coronavirus

On Saturday (27/11) the State Department of Health (SES-PE) recorded 373 cases of Covid-19. Of the confirmed cases today, 11 (3%) are severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) cases and 362 (97%) are mild. Now, the total confirmed cases in Pernambuco are 639,373, of which 54,971 are serious and 584,402 are mild, distributed in all 184 municipalities of Pernambuco, as well as the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

Nine deaths (2 males and 7 females), which occurred between 22/01/2021 and 11/26/2021, were also laboratory confirmed. The new deaths are of people residing in the municipalities of Olinda (1), Petrolina (1), Recife (6) and Ribeirão (1). With this, the state’s total death toll is 20,266 deaths from the disease.

The patients’ ages ranged between 43 and 94 years. The age groups are: 40 to 49 (1), 60 to 69 (1), 70 to 79 (1), 80 and over (6). Of the total, eight had pre-existing diseases: cardiovascular disease (4), diabetes (3), hypertension (2), cancer (2), respiratory disease (1), obesity (1), and kidney disease (1) and Alzheimer’s disease (1) – the patient may have more than one joint disease. One is still under investigation.

More Vaccines In the early hours of Saturday (27.11), Pernambuco received 452,790 more doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The plane carrying the immunization agents landed at Recife/Guararapes International Airport – Gilberto Fryer around 12:45 AM, and the shipment continued for screening and storage at the Headquarters of the State Program for Immunization (PNI-PE).

Immunizing agents will be used to apply the first doses in adolescents, as well as the second doses and boosters for the general population, according to the needs of each municipality. Since the vaccination campaign began, more than 6.6 million doses have been received from Pfizer.

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Since the beginning of the campaign, in January of this year, and so far, Pernambuco has already received 1,6175,653 doses of vaccines against COVID-19. Of that total, 5,044,420 were from Astrazeneca/Oxford/Fiocruz, 4,287,253 from Coronavac/Butantan, 6,670.170 from Pfizer/BioNTech and 173,810 from Janssen.

Vaccination Balance – Pernambuco has already applied 13,455,634 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 among its residents, since the start of the state’s immunization campaign (on January 18, 2021).

Regarding the first doses, there were 7,158,980 applications (93.07% coverage). Of the total, 5,653,808 people from Pernambuco (73.50%) had already completed their vaccination schedules, with 5,480,735 people vaccinated with two-dose applied immunization agents and another 173,073 people from Pernambuco who received a vaccine that was used in one dose. For booster doses (3rd dose), 642,846 doses have already been applied.

More detailed information on the population vaccinated against Covid-19 is available on the Vaccines Monitoring Panel, which can be accessed at In an online environment, there are coverages by group and municipalities, applied doses x broken down by city, and profiles of those vaccinated (gender, race/color). There are also downloadable databases.

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