September 22, 2023

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The U.S. football team fired the coach, raising allegations of sexual harassment of athletes

Align announces additional leadership for UK and EMEA to support continued growth

Align, The world’s leading provider of technology infrastructure solutions, celebrates significant growth in the UK and EMEA markets with management changes to meet growing demand. The appointment of Giulia Marcolina as Managing Director and Director of AV Solutions for Align’s UK Headquarters and Mike Konold as Director will assist the team in delivering innovative collaborative technology and advanced AV solutions.

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Giulia Marcolina, with 15 years of experience with Align, has been appointed Managing Director of Align’s UK-based headquarters. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Giulia has over 25 years of IT experience, having previously worked as a program manager at Align, providing corporate office relocation and integration plans for clients such as BlackRock, Total Case and Power and UBS. In his new role, he will lead Align’s team of project managers in building Align’s long – standing business relationships and delivering complex technical projects including office design and construction, cable infrastructure and AV and security.

“The wealth of knowledge and experience across the spectrum of Julia’s workplace technologies, combined with her collective leadership style, will be essential for Align to achieve its strategic goals,” said Jim Dooling, CEO and Chairman of Align. “By focusing on his experience and details, he will be instrumental in generating revenue, enhancing our presence in the EMEA region, enhancing our team and enhancing the overall customer experience.”

“I am proud to have the opportunity to lead a team of significant professionals to take our strategic vision forward,” Giulia said. “I look forward to enhancing my experience growing our team, empowering our experts to deliver innovative IT solutions across the UK and EMEA, and further enhancing our mission as a leading provider of technology solutions.”

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Align also joins Mike Gonald, who has 25 years of experience in the audio-visual, telephony and networking industry. As Director of Aign Solutions at Align, he will work with clients to design and integrate state-of-the-art AV solutions that will enhance employee collaboration and engagement. Prior to joining the London team, he served as head of collaboration sites at Schroeder.

“Mike AV has a comprehensive and successful track record of working in both environments and new formats,” Giulia said. “As the new Director of AV Solutions, he will play a key role in expanding our professional services portfolio.”

“The Align team has a great history of sustaining and supporting clients for future development and technological innovations, and I am delighted to be a part of that,” Mike said. “Coming from the customer side, I bring a unique perspective to the team and look forward to building and strengthening relationships with Align’s current and future customers.”

About alignment

Alain is a leading global provider of technology infrastructure solutions. For over 35 years, leading companies around the world have relied on Align to guide them through their IT challenges by providing complete, secure solutions for business transformation and growth. With offices in New York, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Arizona, New Jersey and Virginia, Align is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Learn more www.align.comAnd follow lAlignITAdvisor.

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