May 20, 2024

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Amazon Games officially announces Lost Ark for Brazil and other regions ⋆

On June 10 this year, he Amazon Games He got everyone excited by announcing that he’s finally coming missing coffin to the west. While celebrating the announcement, at first, players from Latin America and other regions were disappointed and frustrated to learn that the title, which is simply one of the most awaited games in recent times, had been banned in their regions. This fact led to the creation of NS Online petition sOr a part of the community asks the company to also publish the address in Latin America, Oceania, and other regions.

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Days later, through an online broadcast, the developers not only stated that they were observing the wishes of the community, but also promised to fight the territorial blockade of Lost Ark in South America, Australia and New Zealand, since such a decision involves not only the publisher, but also the developer. To the surprise of many, Amazon Games really delivered what they promised: Talk to Smilegate RPG, and now officially we’ll also have Lost Ark in Latin America, Estonia and Oceania. The announcement came in the game’s latest live broadcast, confirming that the title will be available in 34 new countries.

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“Our team heard loud and clear that players from other regions were interested in venturing to Arkesia. To ensure more players enjoy this beloved game, we teamed up with Smilegate RPG to add Estonia, Latin America and Oceania, a total of 34 new countries, to the list of regions that will have access to a Closed Beta and launch in 2022,” said a statement from Amazon Games. Details will be revealed next week. fromSA Way, Lost Ark is now available on Brazilian Steam in packages ranging from R$83.49 to R$556.99. You can visit Game page on Steam here. The closed beta will run from November 4-11 and the title will be free at launch.

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