June 24, 2024

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AMD details FSR 2.0 information: Compatibility with Xbox and NVIDIA GPUs

AMD details FSR 2.0 information: Compatibility with Xbox and NVIDIA GPUs

The feature will require more processing and popular GPUs are left out of the list

game developers conferenceGDC) Now it’s your turn My God View news about the upcoming FidelityFX Super Resolution. a FSR 2.0 It will improve everything the existing system already does, as well as expand its support to more different ecosystems, such as X-Boxas well as other generations of video cardsaccording to My God. The feature will be available to developers starting next quarter.

The company explains that the file FSR 2.0 will be more demanding with new technologies that require more firepower from GPUs, but still deliver superior performance when used, compared to the original game. At 1080p, the recommended minimum resolution for feature use, File My God Top recommends Radeon RX 590 for its own part and from GeForce GTX 1070 by nvidia. This means that the popular RX 580 and GTX 1060 are out, although My God We say “recommendations should change”, up or down, we’ll know in the future.

The new version of FidelityFX Super Resolution will have four modes: Quality, Balance, Performance and Ultra Performance. As with the current filter, the higher the original resolution, the higher the display resolution, depending on the mode in use. For example, if you play in 1080p, using Quality mode, the game will be displayed in 720p, or from 4K to 1440p.

No new videos have been released with the technology in play yet (In addition to those already presented), but AMD has published 4K images of the Deathloop using all four modes, you can view them at the links below:

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– Continues after announcement –

In revealing the AMD FSR when it debuted, one of the highlights was the rapid implementation of this feature. Some developers said the process took a short time, like a few days. Now, with FSR 2.0, this will depend on a few variables. If the game already supports DLSS 2.0, this time may be less than three days. On the other hand, those that do not have the NVIDIA feature, should, normally, take about a month, which changes the scenario in terms of implementation.

FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 will improve the overall image in all different modes, according to AMD. The feature arrives with support for dynamic resolution, no machine learning-enabled hardware is required, and it remains open source, in addition to the aforementioned Xbox support.


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