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America is becoming a platform to add pride to Brazilians on the tracks

America is becoming a platform to add pride to Brazilians on the tracks

Helio Castronevs set a Brazilian record in motorsports

Photo: IndyCar / Grand Prix

Is Russell coming to Mercedes to become the new Potash or the new Hamilton?

The series of retrospective speeches on the 2021 motorsport season ends this Saturday (8) with a balance on the performance of Brazilians in motorsport and motorcycling. On four wheels, last year marked the Tupiniquin Riders with great successes, whether they happened by accident or not, all happened in the United States: two-time IMSA Sportscar champions, Kiko Porto lifted the USF2000 trophy and Helio by two-time Philipp Nasr. Castronovs made history by winning the Indianapolis 500 for the fourth time.

The so-called America was a fertile ground for the triumphs of Philip Froga, who lived a bright year as a role model in his first race. With three wins, the driver helped teammate Car Robinson take the title in the new LMP3 class. On the other side of the Atlantic, Fraca shone by making an entire season at the World Tolerance Championships. With the TF Sport team, he sat on the podium at 24 Hours of Le Mans, won one race and fought for the LMGTE-Am Class title until the final in Bahrain.

Andre Negro had a full year of podiums at the Endurance World Championships. The Combinas Driver was part of the Alpine Trio in the new hypercar class, but the A480 actually became an LMP1 in line with this year’s regulations. However, little can be done to counter the strength of the Brazilian Toyota, which is, yes, a completely new prototype developed under the Hypercar class. The Japanese brand swam with a stroke.

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Philip Froga lived an enlightened year in an IMSA sports car (Photo: Jose Mario Dias)

Daniel Serra competes in the Endurance World Championships throughout the year, one year, in the WEC’s official Ferrari team AF Course LMGTE-Pro class, while Augusto Forbes and Marcus Gomez share the Aston Martin steering wheel. Vantage GTE with Canadian billionaire Paul Dalla Lana.

Back in the single seats, Brazil had little reason to celebrate 2021 in Formula E or the basic genres played in Europe. Lucas de Grossi won two races in the electric car class, but for the first time did not compete directly for the title in Audi’s farewell year, while Sergio Zet Camara showed speed, but not the decent car provided by the Dragon. Penske and its potential fell short.

In Formula 2, Felipe Drugovic started out as one of the contenders for the title for UNI-Virtuosi, but he was disappointed and won the podium – but zero wins. Later this year, he announced his return to Dutch MP Motorsport. Gilherm was in the habit of finishing last for the Samia Saros team, and in his second year in the division, he continued without points.

Kiko Porto won the USF2000 title last season (Photo: USF2000)

Gianluca Bettekoff, the champion of the European Regional Formula One in 2020, started the championship as Campos’ driver, but he did not have the financial fuel, i.e. sponsorship, to continue his path this year. Enzo also had the opportunity to make his debut in the final half of the fitness season, and showed great play for Saros, to the point of scoring, but he was the victim of a very serious accident in Saudi Arabia and was unable to do so. Complete the championship.

Formula 3 had two drivers. One of them debuted in the favorite category: Caio Collet. But Ballista, a member of the Alpine Academy, was not disappointed even in a year without a win, leaving behind the idea that he could see more next season. Enzo Fittibalti hit a stage in his final race to finish second in Budapest before advancing to Formula 2.

The podium is also where Gabriel Portoleto won the FRECA European Regional Formula, updated by Alpine in 2021. The race for the FA Racing team does not belong to anyone other than Fernando Alonso, who was marked by an adaptation of the first half of the season in Sவோo Paulo, but advanced well into the second half of the championship and finished second in the Red Bull Ring. On the other hand, Eduardo Barrichello’s transition from North American motorsport to Europe was not the best year in the division.

The biggest highlights of the base come from the less popular genres. Brazil’s only wins in Europe, known as the junior single – seater divisions, came with Roberto Faria on the GB3, the new name for the English F3 and Emerson Fitzbalti Jr. on the Danish F4. Emerson Fittibaldi’s son fought for the title until the last race of the championship.

Rafael Camara was selected for the Ferrari Academy by amassing kart titles (Photo: Ferrari Driver Academy)

As for Brazilian karting, despite the pressure from Italian brands, this year has been favorable for Brigu to pull out of the planned World Cup, especially for the likes of Rafael Camara, Gabriel Gomez, Matthias Ferreira and Matthias Morgato. Câmara and Ferreira finished second at the European Kart Championships. Rafa has won three more titles: the WSK Champions Trophy, the WSK Super Masters Series and the Champions of the Future, and he has not had much luck in the world due to flat tires.

At the end of the year, the person from Bernambuco won the selection process and was selected to join the Ferrari Drivers Academy in 2022. Rafa Chavez Camara will compete in his single-seat debut this year for Prema in the Italian F4.

JP Oliveira, in the GT300 class, started the Super GT title defense season with a win in Fuji alongside Kyoto Fujinami. Throughout the season, however, he was beaten by Japanese-Brazilian duo Dakuto Igucci and Hideki Yamachi and ended up in the prestigious runner-up.

Another athlete, Tony Conan, showed that there is still firewood to burn in India. Jimmy Johnson’s # 48 returned to Kanashi this season to race only on stages in the Oval Circuits. Talent was always there, but last year brought misfortune to Bahian, which prevented him from making the best use of the opportunities available to him along the way.

A bracket before the end of the series is intended to indicate the performance of Brazilians in the new continental category, the South American TCR. This class still faced many difficulties, mainly epidemics and disputes in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina as good number of cars were on the road. Among Dubinquin’s pilots, Rodrigo Baptista finished second and second, while Rafael Reyes finished third in the championship, which was won by Spanish player Pep Oriola. Senior player Atalberto Baptista won the trophy in the trophy subdivision.

Pietro FittiPalty launches the Indianapolis 500 (Photo: IndyCar)

Finally, Pietro Fittybalty. The Brazilian driver continued to be Haas Reserve for another year, but, unlike what happened in 2020, he did not have the opportunity to take one of the vacancies throughout the season. In the transition from 24 to 25, Emerson’s grandson had an interesting plan: the opportunity to participate in stages at the Oval for the Dale Coin in India, including the Indianapolis 500, and to compete in the 24 hour Hours of Mans for the Russian Zig. – Drive Racing.

His debut in the Indi500 was positive, especially in the qualifying round, when Pietro won the Rookie (or Rookie) title of the year, but only three races in both the Texas Round and Indianapolis. In Endurance, the Brazilian competed in Barcelona’s only 4 hours for the European Le Mans Series and never returned to the role model. However, the highlight of FittyPalty was that he accurately replaced Tony Conan in the full-time car at the Curitiba stage of the Stock car. In his debut in the main Brazilian division, Pietro finished eighth in Race 2 in Parana.

At the end of this year, Pietro Fittibaldi has been given at least one guarantee for 2022: he will continue as a pilot to replace Haasil Mick Schumacher and Nikita Masebin. As for other goals, such as pursuing a full season in another division or competing in the Indy 500 again, these are answers that will only be given in the next few months.

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