June 21, 2024

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American Bitcoin Miner will use submersible refrigeration in its operations

American Bitcoin Miner will use submersible refrigeration in its operations

Rio Blockchain, a US-based cryptocurrency mining company, uses submersible cooling in its Bitcoin mining equipment (ACSII) at its digital property farm in Texas. Through this, the company hopes to improve hardware performance, save electricity and reduce the impact of its operation on the environment.

According to studies, the solution can reduce the heat generated by the equipment by 95%, change the temperature of the environment and give longer life to the equipment used in mining.

Studies also show that it is possible to convert about 40% of this heat into energy, saving on the company’s electricity bills and creating less damage to the environment.

Another advantage of the new system is that it reduces up to 95% of the noise emitted by equipment when immersed in liquids. While this may seem a bit ineffective, it should be noted that an illegal Canadian cryptocurrency mining company was recently fined R $ 30 million for its activities, and that it was only detected by the loud noises emitted by the devices.

Riot Blockchain plans to implement this system by 2021.

The liquid cooling system for the mine is already in use

Riot Blockchain is becoming the first company to use this solution on a large scale, and liquid cooling in cryptocurrency mining equipment is not unprecedented.

MintGreen, a Canadian mining company, in October, Announced the implementation of the so-called equipment cooling system Digital boilers (Digital boilers, in free translation) On their farms, it also works by submerging devices in water.

The difference is that MintGreen wants to sell and distribute cooling liquid for hot water services in northern Vancouver. In this way, the company hopes to save on electricity costs while helping the municipality’s infrastructure.

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Intends to start operations with the company Digital boilers In 2022.

Source: Canaltech

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