June 23, 2024

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Mexico drops restrictions and UK ‘may return with action’ if micron is less dangerous than delta ‘

The Latin nation goes against most countries, closing the borders and wearing the mask again in an attempt to control a strain found in South Africa.

Presidency / EFE of MexicoMexico’s President Obrador denies imposing any sanctions on the country

Against the grains of many countries in Europe, America and Asia, the President Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador closed the country’s borders on Monday, the 29th, in view of the manifestation of diversity. Omigron. Pointing out that there is no evidence that vaccines are less effective than the new virus, he said he was waiting for conclusive information about the strain. “No, we do not have that forecast. We think we have made a lot of progress in vaccination and are continuing to move forward. We are going to intensify the whole vaccination program,” he said. Health Minister Sajid Javed said the country could return to the restrictions used last Friday, the 26th, if “this variant is not more dangerous than the delta”.

In the House of Commons, Javed said the mandatory use of face masks and all passengers must undergo a PCR test as soon as they arrive in the UK, which will not take effect until Tuesday, the 30th. “One day is not more than necessary”. So far, 11 cases of the new variant have been confirmed in the UK, five in the UK and six in Scotland. The government expects this number to increase in the coming days. The new strain has already been detected on all continents and is still being analyzed by researchers. There is not enough information to determine whether it escapes infection agents, but preliminary data from the World Health Organization show that it can spread easily with mild symptoms.

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