June 24, 2024

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Amil Individual Plans: How are customers doing after ANS suspended sale of group health plans |  Economie

Amil Individual Plans: How are customers doing after ANS suspended sale of group health plans | Economie

Self-system also identified that any sales action between Emil and APS.

On a note, the ANS He stated that the share buyers do not have sufficient financial capacity to ensure the economic and financial balance of the APS.

But how do customers face this predicament?

a g 1 Speak with professional health attorneys to clarify the main doubts of beneficiaries. Check it out below:

resolution ANS Is it final

no. The decision has a precautionary administrative nature to avoid harm to consumers. Documents I sent Emil And APS did not give a guarantee for ANS That the portfolio of individual and family plans will remain in the same group as Emilexplained Marcos Batulo, a lawyer who specializes in the right to health at Vilhena Silva Advogados.

“resolution ANS confirms that Emil He wants to get rid of the portfolio of individual plans,” Patulo said.

Beneficiaries will again be from Emil immediately?

Yeah. 340 single and family plan customers should return to Emil Immediately – as soon as the company receives a notification from ANS.

Customer communications should also go back to being direct with this operator.

Will there be problems with this process?

Because of the interruption in the conversion, the Beneficiaries may experience administrative setbacksThe lawyer warned, such as communication errors in attendance and licenses for examinations and counseling.

“In practice, there should not be serious problems because most of the beneficiaries have not yet received their APS card,” the lawyer said.

What will happen in the next few days?

in this period , Emil Customers should also be contacted to inform them of a decision ANS And open your communication channel.

Will the approved network be replaced?

number. The majority of complaints from beneficiaries of individual plans from Emil It’s about Withdrawal of pre-sale service network approval for APS. This issue, however, has not been directly mentioned before ANS in the resolution.

According to Julianna Barrow, a health lawyer, the fact that ANS It stated that potential buyers did not have sufficient financial capacity to undertake primary health care and explained that the transaction puts the “continuity and quality of health care” at risk for the beneficiaries. Indicates that the municipality is aware of the problem.

“The ideal situation would be to cut off the entire approved network. It could be ANS His position on the matter is in the final decision.”

The Emil And APS have a chance to reverse the issue?

Yes. Lawyers Giuliana and Patulo say so, given the arguments of ANSAnd the Permission to sell wallet has become more difficult. However, companies can and should separate new documents that prove the feasibility of the process.

In a note sent on Monday (4), Seferin & Coelho, Fiord Capital and Henning von Koss, candidates to buy APS shares, reported that they have a larger contribution than 2.3 billion Brazilian reals In box form immediately available.

What should customers do if they encounter a problem during this stage?

Beneficiaries must contact ANS Through customer service channels: www.ans.gov.br Or by calling 0800701 9656.

a governor-SP also has an open channel for complaints in https://www.procon.sp.gov.br/espaco-consumidor/.

Legal action can also be taken through lawyers who specialize in the health field.