May 30, 2024

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An archaeologist discovers a rare medieval gold coin;  See item value |  Globalism

An archaeologist discovers a rare medieval gold coin; See item value | Globalism

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Auction house selling a rare medieval coin found by amateurs

An amateur archaeologist from England has discovered a rare medieval gold coin that may be one of the first coins ever minted in Britain. The piece dates from 1257, during the reign of Henry III, and the piece was discovered near a farm in a small rural county.

The historical piece will be put up for auction next Sunday. The auction house responsible for the event hopes to obtain a value between 200 thousand and 400 thousand pounds, equivalent to 1.5 and 3 million Brazilian riyals, with the sale.

very rare item

There are only eight similar artifacts in the world and most of them are in museums.

“Metal detection is my way of getting close to our ancestors. It asks me many questions, like who dropped this? (…) The coin was found in an unattractive location and could easily have never been recovered.” wrote the person responsible for the discovery, who preferred to remain anonymous.

The man had no idea the value of the coin. The auctioneer did not notify him of the value of the piece until after he posted the item online.

According to David Carpenter, Professor of Medieval History at King’s College, Henry III’s gold coins were the first to be made in the country since the Norman conquest of the British island in 1066. Until then, England’s economy was dependent on coins. Silver .

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