May 29, 2024

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Ana Paula Padrao mocks her criticism of MasterChef's rudeness |  Gabriel Berlin

Ana Paula Padrao mocks her criticism of MasterChef’s rudeness | Gabriel Berlin

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Ana Paula Padrao defends reality shows and MasterChef judges

Ana Paula Padrao does not care about the competition’s criticism of the rudeness of the MasterChef Brasil judges towards amateur chefs.

“The competition always finds a way to criticize. I don’t care. A kiss on the shoulder for the competition,” said the program presenter, drawing laughter from the journalists present at the launch event of the new version of the program, which was held. Tuesday afternoon (10).

The columnist talking to you judges inquired about the needle that other gastronomic hosts on TV are always on MasterChef regarding the scolding and rudeness in the kitchen he’s been subjected to since season one.

“I don’t consider myself a rude person,” said Henrique Fogaça. “What I always do is give my participants a ‘wake-up’ to see if they are there really focused and ready to show their best.”

Eric Jaquin said that he was never approached by any fan of the show on the street to talk about scolding the participants. “People approach me like I’m their friend, I don’t even know them,” he commented.

Helena Rizzo, who is in her second amateur season, also evaluated herself as a polite person and does not rudely adhere to competitors, but admitted that at the beginning of her career she was already screaming in the kitchen.

He commented, “I think on the show I love real life. I always try to treat everyone in a polite and respectful way, even with all the stress in the kitchen.”

Season 9 of MasterChef Brasil begins May 20 on Band, from 10:30 p.m.

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