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Analysis: Fluminense sees downgrade without Ganso, high number of low-risk sent masks |  fluminence

Analysis: Fluminense sees downgrade without Ganso, high number of low-risk sent masks | fluminence

The 23 submissions may hide that, but a file Fluminense It was not as serious as it might seem in the 0-0 draw with Santos, last Saturday, at the Maracana. Facing an opponent who produced little and did poorly in fencing, Flo saw a huge drop in her quality and productivity without Gansu.

As far as keeping the ball more and creating more, the number of dangerous chances is much less: there were four chances that Alvinegros had already risked.

Nathan regrets his departure at Fluminense x Santos – Photo: Alexandre Durao / J

Due to the team’s good performance in recent matches, Abel decided to maintain the same style of play by putting Nathan in the place of Paulo Henrique Ganso, who was held off by a duel with Santos. The coach even chose to continue playing with an innovative midfielder, but the 13th jersey was unable to maintain the same level as Gansu, and Tricolor felt the impact of his 10 absences.

Nathan played the same role as Jansu: he played on the right side of the field, while Arias appeared on the left, with the possibility of moving and even reversing at certain moments of the match. While the Colombian used mobility and abused it on the pitch, the 13th jersey seemed to feel a lot of lack of rhythm, ran out during the match and, again, didn’t take advantage of the opportunity he got in the team.

Another Caligari was not having a good day, and thus, making it more difficult to express his plays in the middle, Fluminense He ended up focusing his actions on the left side of the field in the first half, featuring Chris Silva and John Arias.

Without Gansu, the team didn’t have the same ease in expressing plays from the inside, as it has in recent games. Another point that contributed to the loss of the Flu midfield was the fact that Iago Felipe also played below expectations, missing silly passes in midfield and, in some cases, causing counter-attacks from Santos. We ended up replacing the steering wheel with Nunato at the end of the first half.

Yago Felipe in Fluminense x Santos – Photo: Alexandre Durao / ge

In the last stage, in the 19th minute, Abel Luis Henrique put Nathan’s place and returned to the 3-4-3 method, which was adopted before Jansu performed well again. At thirty-two, Caligari felt uneasy and asked to leave, making way for Willian.

Thus, Biggood moved to the left, Arias began to appear on the right side, along with Luis Henrique, Nino improvised the right side, and the team continued to look for plays on the right side, especially on the right side. From the moment Fred replaced Kano and the team started playing with four strikers on the field, the only great opportunity was when Luis Henrique put a good ball into the No. 9 shirt to hit the post at 39 – the main opportunity of the fencing.

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Fred kicks and shoots the ball at the post in Fluminense x Santos, in the Maracana – Photo: Alexandre Durao/J

In addition to this opportunity, the flu had three other, more dangerous opportunities: in the 36th minute of the first half, when Nino turned his head and Kano tried to touch him inside the area, in the 38th minute, with a kick from outside the Argentine. Zone, and in the 31st of the second half, with Luiz Henrique from afar in a free kick.

Even the flu ended up a lot, but the team lacked more quality arrivals and finishes. For what Fluminense Presented in previous matches, it is no exaggeration to say that Gansu was missing out.

– I don’t like to say it, but today with Goose, sure, given the moment he’s in, it might be a little different, I don’t know. Or it could be worse, because Santos started with three defensive midfielders and made it very difficult, it could be difficult with him as well. But in these last matches, as he has progressed with the team … he has great insight. It’s not intense, but it’s very rare intelligence, Abel said at the press conference.

Abel Braga in Fluminense against Santos, in the Maracana – Photo: Alexandre Durao / J

Another conclusion that can be drawn, at least for the time being, is that the team can become complicated in the absence of Gansu, which should not be a little, because the calendar is constantly narrow, and the player is already 32 years old. The search for a replacement remains when the 10th jersey cannot enter the field.

The Fluminense He returns to the field on Wednesday to face Junior Barranquilla, at 21:30 (Brasilia time), at the Estadio Metropolitano. In the next round from Brazil, the flu faces Cuiaba away from home. The match is scheduled to take place at 21:00 on Saturday at Arena Pantanal.

“It wasn’t a game of leaving the dots behind,” says Gabriel, Voice of the Crowd

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