June 19, 2024

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Analysis: The return of the attackers and the Atletico leader MG ends the elimination with a decisive victory for the Brazilian |  Athlete - mg

Analysis: The return of the attackers and the Atletico leader MG ends the elimination with a decisive victory for the Brazilian | Athlete – mg

Beating the Husky, who had no goal in four rounds in Brazilian, get rid of the potential pressure. Atletico MG responded to the elimination in the Copa Libertadores Beat Internacional 1-0 in Mineirao. Competition leader. There is a nearly 50-year fast that must be extinguished, and for years you have not felt many powerful elements to bring it down.

Inter has not lost in eight matches. Even Gallo in this dispute had the advantage, hitting 15 consecutive matches without knowing the taste of defeat by consecutive points. In front of 7,000 fans (much fewer than on Tuesday against Palmeiras), Coca’s side needed to show mental strength.

The match was delayed in the first half, with few chances, and Inter showed signs that they even had the skills to walk away with victory. That was when Mineirao included Joe Soares’ “Zé da Galera” character in the 1980s. In the sketch of the humor, fictional fan Telly Santana (team coach) asked through a public phone booth.

Atletico players celebrate a goal against Inter – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico MG

For physical reasons, Coca was unable to start with Kino and Savarino. But it took them to know the weight of the game. At the sacrifice, they both entered the second half, with just over 40 minutes remaining. The exchange changed the game. Mainly for the 11th jersey, Galo’s main player in 2020.

Fan Voice – Markin: “I hope it’s Kino’s salvation target!”

Speaking of the highlights of the team, Hulk was missing out, on the verge of finishing an average run in the match. Well noticeable, that’s right, you suffer from unnoticeable errors. However, in Sprint and Skill, I give way to the Victory List. All this after a participation far from the usual brilliance in the Libertadores half.

The victory over Inter reshapes the current moment for defender Nathan Silva. Too bad against Palmeiras, missing in the crosshairs. He played very well on Saturday, with confidence and maturity to help fend off a quick attack from Aguirre’s side. In the alert points, there is also the physical ability of Nacho Fernández, who has his vision of the game intact, but is no longer able to keep up with some of Rooster’s counterattacks.

After the victory, Gallo players greet the crowd in Mineirao – Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atletico-MG

With the breadth of attack, and better physical conditions predicted for Keno (left) and Savarino (right), the Hulk will be better accompanied in this style of quick play off the flanks, which can also help Nacho’s special positioning. It remains to be seen how Coca will design the team, because if the wings requested by “Ze da Galera” return to the tactical scheme, some midfielders will sit on the bench.