June 6, 2023

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Angolo trusts Santos' ranking and Chile values ​​chart: 'Very important point' |  saints

Angolo trusts Santos’ ranking and Chile values ​​chart: ‘Very important point’ | saints

The saints stayed in 1-1 tied with Union La Calera, Thursday evening, at Sausalito Stadium, in Viña del Mar, Chile, for the third round of the Copa Sudamericana. As a result, Bixe finished third in Group C with four points, while Chileans top the group.

The owner of Santos’ goal, striker Brian Angolo appreciated the result that came out of his homeland and already planned to face Universidad de Quito, from Ecuador, away from home, in the next fifth.

– We started very well, we won. Then we couldn’t keep it and they ended up scoring a goal. We won a very important point. Now is the time to try and get a good result against Universidad de Quito.

La Calera vs Santiago Garcia Brian Angulo Sudamericana – Photo: EFE

shirt 15 of saints He also maintained confidence in the team’s classification for the next stage of the continental competition. Only the leader of each group advances to the Copa Sudamericana series. He indicated that of the next three matches, two will be at Villa Belmiro.

– It was a good result. We have a very complicated game with the visitor, but we still have two matches at home.

“I didn’t understand what Bustos did in today’s game,” Isabel says | crowd sound

right Now saints Once again in the spotlight of the Brazilian Championship. Pixie, the competition leader, will face the classic match against São Paulo, next Monday, at 20:00, at the Morumbi Stadium.

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