June 23, 2024

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Fan denounces racism angry at Argentinian's release: 'Corinthians treated me like an animal' |  Corinthians

Fan denounces racism angry at Argentinian’s release: ‘Corinthians treated me like an animal’ | Corinthians

In an interview with General ElectricThe 23-year-old black man gave his version of what happened at the New Coimica Arena and also at the Department of Strategic Police Operations (DOPE).

– If you said he was going to release him in front of me, you wouldn’t believe it. Once we got to DOPE, the people from the Argentine Consulate also arrived, and they made a big fuss. The man was not released immediately because the comrades did not have three thousand R$ in sight. They gave part in cash and went to withdraw the rest. I was disgusted, I was on the man’s side. He did not stay in a dungeon. What bothered me the most was that when I went to the stand there was no defendant. His situation has been resolved, my case is not. – He said.

I want to make it clear that I am not the victim but a witness. it’s the Corinthians He did not give me any support. Those who helped me were the shock police, who gave me water, a chair, and treated me well. The police didn’t treat me like an animal, they treated me like an animal by the police Corinthians. The club took my name, and their lawyer was there, yes, but he never spoke to me, never arrived and says ‘If you need support, we’ll go there’ – continues the Corinthians fan.

Boca Juniors fan arrested during match against Corinthians – Photo: Bronny Kasucci

The Corinthians Manifested by an official note. Check it out in full below.

Read below the interview with Felipe Nascimento Palma Cruz, responsible for condemning the racist gestures of a Boca Juniors fan:

ge: First, I’d like you to detail where you were in the ring and when you noticed the Boca fan’s racist gestures.
“I was in the Near East sector, along with their audience, completely in the glass part. I was among one of the flags on the glass. I arrived at 7:40 pm and about 8:20 pm, 8:30 pm This gentleman started making a monkey gesture. In the footage you can see him and a woman, who (gestures), do it as if it was the most natural thing in the world. We took pains that it was a mistake, stopped, and mocked him. But she was wrong too.

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Did you do those shots?
– I wasn’t one of her pictures. When he started doing that (the gesture), I couldn’t believe it, there were very few Boca fans. We knew they were going to, but not so soon, not even that we couldn’t recognize him. There were only white fans down there (in the Near East sector), and I had a Bolivian friend of mine, but he’s not black. It was me and the boy who shot the movie.

From there what did you do?
– First, we tried to talk to someone from the club, some security. It is even good to say that the security guards saw them imitating monkeys. A girl jumped into the square to call security and was arrested. Well, what I did was wrong, but nothing more than racist. When we were able to speak to the police officers in Forks, the officer called one of his superiors, and the police immediately wanted to help us. I thought they’d get the fans out at the end, not in between.

– Once the first half was over, I sat down and rested a bit and saw a crowd. At this, I got up and saw that the shock police were coming down and looking for an admirer to testify. You’ve already seen the footage. Since I was only wearing black, there was no way to go back. The man who took pictures asked me to go, and I said, “Of course.” There, unanimously, I chose to go, I went with a friend.

And after the match?
– Then we had to go to DOPE, because Jecrim (Special Criminal Court) only sentenced crimes with the expectation of two years’ detention. We were even driven in the same car as the Argentinian, only he was in “Neat” and I was up front. I stayed at the police station until 3:15, 3:20. This item has been edited 4 hours or so.

Why do you say you were treated like an animal before Corinthians?
‘It’s just that the police treated me very well.’ Captain Matthews said to me, ‘Look, I gave your name to my solicitor.’ CorinthiansBut no one came to me, and that made me so angry. At Jecrim, the police treated us very politely, gave us water, told us to sit down, and treated us like citizens of the best quality, you know? Corinthians He didn’t even say, “Do you have water to drink? Do you have a ticket back? How are they going to get back from Barra Fonda? Are you hungry?” Any thing! Do you think that in the Duilio match (Montero Alves, President Corinthians) he was not there? Alessandro and Roberto de Andrade (members of the club’s football department) or a lawyer? it’s not possible!

I want nothing from them, and I will never stop being a Corinthians fan. They do not represent Corinthians. I love the club and not them.

How did you get home at dawn?
– I have to thank Captain Matthews again. The team he sent from Barra Funda took us to their home in Jardim da Conquista in São Mateus. There was no way to get home and my friend was going to work early.

Check the official notice for Corinthians:

Regarding the operation carried out last Tuesday (26) in the case of a racist injury committed by a Boca Juniors fan at the New Coimica Arena. Corinthians Paul explains that:

2) Corinthians He sent a lawyer to Jecrim (Special Criminal Court) in the Neo Química Arena at the time of the accident. At that moment, according to information from the Prime Minister, the fans watched the match on the edge of the stadium while the necessary measures were directed.

3) lawyer Corinthians Verify that the proceedings were conducted by the Military Police and that the witnesses did not need legal support – because they were witnesses and not accused parties.

4) The operation was continued by the Military Police. The Corinthians Continued follow-up movements, in joint action with the Prime Minister. It is worth noting that the Neo Química Arena monitoring system allowed the Argentine fan to be identified.

5) After that, he became a third fan of Corinthians Come forward and volunteer to also be a witness. Then they all went to the Strategic Police Operations Department – this third fan, in their own car.

6) Fans received all support throughout the process, which is Corinthians He followed this to the end, in the early hours of Wednesday (27), in constant contact with the Prime Minister. The two fans who first filed the complaint were taken to their homes by the Military Police.

7) Corinthians He regrets that the reports already published on this subject have not contacted the club about everything that has been and will be done in relation to the three fans.

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