September 22, 2023

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Anita pulls fans against her brother at BBB 22, but the web disagrees and refutes: 'absolutely unnecessary'

Anita pulls fans against her brother at BBB 22, but the web disagrees and refutes: ‘absolutely unnecessary’

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The comment went viral on social media and did not spread well among the audience following the programme.

Photo: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images
Photo: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

GustavoAnd the Pedro Scooby or Vinicius? So far, polls from several sites indicate that Ciara’s native was the eighth to be (easily) eliminated in BBB 22. The brother came under the shadow of a lot of expectations, since his invitation promised a more active participant in the game and in the battles. However, this did not happen and it ended up generating “rejection” from some viewers.

“I like to do everything quickly, Tadu. Which is how I do it there. Not because in Paredão I will stop being the person that I am. That happy person for being that person who lives and plays. Speak your thoughts, I talk nonsense from time to time, I talk Guys. Forgive me, don’t cancel me no”joking VinnySpeaking.

Anitain your InstagramHe followed the “tram” and admitted that he also supported the departure Vinny. On her gossip profile, she joked about the topic of “false fall” and revealed: “Vyni, I’ll let you stumble across a wooden in the show, I promise! (I became the one I ended up with the most: rooting for ex and straight top)”. On social media, the comment was not well received.

This is because Vinny fan of Anita He said he had already sold gas cylinders to display: “I took a sealed cylinder at home and sold it to buy the ticket”mentioned. Gustavowhen he was in glass househe said that the brother was noticed by the singer, which caused quite a stir: “How do you play this here? Leave a minute until I go over there and die”joked.

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