September 28, 2023

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Antonov crashes shortly after take-off in a sad flight accident in South Sudan

Antonov crashes shortly after take-off in a sad flight accident in South Sudan

The unstable flight of South Sudan, in Africa, once again became the scene of another air accident with no survivors on Tuesday, November 2, in a plane crash that occurred shortly after takeoff.

The aircraft in question was an Antonov AN-26 twin-engine turboprop aircraft operated by Optimum Aviation. Registered under TR-NGT registration, it was flying from Juba to Maban, both cities in South Sudan, with 5 crew members and 28 barrels of diesel.

An AN-26 similar to the accident – Illustrative: Maxim Dragunov / CC BY-SA 3.0.0 Update, via Wikimedia Commons

According to the information I collected Air Herald, the Antonov was leaving Juba around 11:00 local time (09:00Z) when the crew declared an emergency about 3 minutes after take-off. The plane crashed about 0.7 nautical miles (1.3 km) from the runway, along the Nilo Branco River.

The approximate area of ​​the fall highlighted by the red circle – image: Google Earth

When the emergency services arrived on the scene, the Antonov AN-26 was completely destroyed and no survivors were found. The South Sudan Red Cross reported that the bodies of the five crew members were recovered at the crash site, all burnt beyond recognition.

South Sudan records serious accidents and incidents with worrying frequency, and the president of the country is curious Comment on the unstable situation Domestic aviation last year, after another decline in August last year.

Just to mention some of the events we’ve been following on AEROIN in recent years:

– In October 2019, Antonov 26 Passed the end of the path when landing in Yambio;

– In June 2020, Antonov 26 I got off the runway when I landed on the rink;

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– In August 2020, Antonov 26 It fell after taking off from Juba;

– In March 2021, let 410 Fell after take-off from Berry.

On the occasion of August last year, President Salva Kiir Mayardit warned that he was directing the country’s aviation authorities to follow international standards for airworthiness control, as “there have been too many accidents in this country and it cannot proceed as a common thing” when it becomes A problem for the safety of air travelers, because lives are at risk.”

Apparently, nothing has changed since then. To fully review the speech issued by the President last year, you can click here Or at the address below to access.