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Anvisa promotes 'urgency' to end cruise season, talks about 'public health risks' |  Seaport

Anvisa promotes ‘urgency’ to end cruise season, talks about ‘public health risks’ | Seaport

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has issued a statement banning the travel of passengers with scheduled trips on cruise ships for the next few days, after an increase in Covid-19 cases with the identification of outbreaks on board operating ships in parents. The regulatory agency also reinforced the urgency The immediate interruption of the cruise ship season in Brazil.

Anvisa’s recommendation, as issued in a statement, takes into account the rapid change in the epidemiological scenario, the risk of harming the health of passengers and the unpredictability of operations at this time.

The guidance given by the regulatory agency comes after at least three cruise ships have recorded cases of Covid-19 virus on board in recent days. In Rio de Janeiro (RJ), it was MSC Preziosa Docked on Sunday morning (2) with 28 cases of Covid-19.

the Costa Diadema Activities stopped By Anvisa on December 30, when the ship docked in the port of Salvador. The ship was released the next day to return to the port of Santos for passengers to disembark, but its activities remained suspended.

This Sunday (2), passengers are waiting to board MSC Bright, in Santos (SP) I knew that the ship would not continue its voyage.After waiting in the departure hall all day. Although the announcement to passengers was only made during that night, Anvisa reported that the ship had already been notified on Saturday (1) about the boarding impediment.

Voyage halted: Shipments halted on a ship docked in Santos

Thus, the recommendation, according to the agency, It aims to protect the health of the population and avoid inconvenience to travelers, taking into account the possibility of interruption and reduction of ship schedules due to a health decision, and the doubts that may occur for boarding and disembarkation, with the possibility of needing to disembark at a different port than initially planned and the possibility of quarantine on ships, which may It is an inconvenience to everyone.

One hour before the cancellation was announced for passengers, the State Commission on Public Safety in Ports, Stations and Waterways in SP raised the safety level at Concais to II, from 5 p.m. onwards.

The ruling even allowed the military police to enter the Santos port area, which is a federal territory, “In the event of a breach of the invasion and a serious breach of order in the port area and within ships”.

Season suspension recommendation

In a statement, Anfisa once again reinforced the recommendation to suspend the cruise ship season in the country. See full positioning:

“a Anvisa stresses the urgent need to immediately halt the cruise ship season in Brazil. Despite the agency’s efforts in recent days to control the health status of the ships, the procedures are seriously affected by the non-compliance with the protocols agreed upon to start the season.

Because of A grave danger to the health of the population, Anvisa has already recommended to the Ministry of Health, since 12/31, to reconsider the situation in the season of cruise ships stipulated in GM/MS Order No. 2928 of 2021, until the sanitary and epidemiological scenario is reassessed.

As the signatories to the 2021 Interministerial Order CC-PR/MJSP/MS/MINFRA 658 have been alerted, the agency is still awaiting the rapid and urgent emergence of the Ministry of Health, at risk of serious seizures with a risk to public health.”

The company also says it regrets the situation and offers guests the options of a letter of credit for the value of the original cruise, which can be redeemed on any future cruise through December 31, 2022, plus an onboard credit of $200/€ per cabin for the next cruise, or a full refund. for the amounts paid for the cruise.

MSC informs that it will also reimburse prepaid packages (drinks, excursions, etc.) and that it will support guests, including logistical support, until they return home. Finally, he claims to have followed strict protocols for Covid-19 health prevention.

MSC Preziosa has about 20 cases of Covid, according to the Rio . health department

MSC Preziosa has about 20 cases of Covid, according to the Rio . health department

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