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Find out how to lose belly and recover this summer, check out our tips

Find out how to lose belly and recover this summer, check out our tips

I know how lose belly And shedding those extra “lbs” isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. According to experts, excess abdominal fat can cause series of diseases. This includes, Increased risk of heart attack and diabetes. Today, January 3, 2022, we want to show you how to get rid of belly fat with the help of people who understand the subject.

Therefore, the Home Life Blog He wants to show you simple and effective ways on how to lose belly and get more beautiful and healthy this summer. Stay tuned for the tips that we have separated for you. Don’t forget to share it with a friend who might also be interested in the topic.

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Healthy eating is the starting point

Who thinks that losing belly is possible only through Physical activity, very wrong. The first step to reducing belly fat begins with a balanced diet. According to nutritionist Tatiana Zhanin, this is essential Make vegetables the basis of your mealWhether at lunch or dinner.

Whether you use raw or cooked vegetables, coloring your plate with vegetables and legumes is essential to improving your diet. This is exactly what will help you in the process of losing your belly. And therefore, eat carbohydrates They remain important in any diet as long as the servings of these foods are not large. The ideal option is to replace the simplest foods with whole grain products.

The importance of proteins

Another important component of balancing your diet is add proteins For snacks and small meals a day. In other words, using eggs, yogurt, and cheese can help you feel full. Likewise, with these foods, you will expend more energy. So, to improve your diet, be sure to find a nutritionist to help you.

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In addition to eating well, do not miss out on physical exercise

Thus, if you are balancing your diet and eating really well, physical activity is your best ally to slim your belly. According to Carlos Bruce, personal trainer, for abdominal loss it is necessary Playing sports with greater density.

In fact, these intense activities increase the heart rate and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Some examples of exercises combined with a good diet that reduce body fat, are:

  • burpee
  • bike no ar
  • Element
  • board
  • belly

Indispensable professional help!

Finally, in the same way as a file nutrition specialist It will help you find the best diet for your profile, a physical education professional It is also essential that we recommend you the best exercises to reduce belly fat and lose weight. Did you like the text? Then watch the video below with foolproof tips that will help you even more:

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