June 12, 2024

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Apple iOS 15.4 with Face ID that recognizes the face with a mask reduces memory by up to 10 GB

Apple iOS 15.4 with Face ID that recognizes the face with a mask reduces memory by up to 10 GB

Apple officially released iOS 15.4 a few days ago along with iPadOS 15.4. The remarkable novelty of the latest version of the program is the long-awaited function of unlocking the iPhone with facial recognition even when the user is wearing a protective mask. However, it appears that the feature is experiencing a bad bug.

According to reports, iPhone storage is seeing a significant decrease after installing the new iOS 15.4. Reviews from some users reveal a drop of up to 10 GB after the update, while others claim that only 1 GB was used.

The Face ID unlock function with mask protection support can be activated in the system settings, more specifically in the “Face ID and Passwords” area. Simply activate the “Use Face ID with Mask” switch and follow the instructions that appear.

The functionality is currently only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series models. This means that users of iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and other Apple phones cannot use the feature at the moment.

In addition to new facial recognition using the mask, users who wear glasses can also include the “wear glasses” option that gets recognized with the accessory. The feature, however, does not work with sunglasses.

Apple also fixed bugs, brought new emojis, more features for Siri, shared FaceTime sessions, and support for the EU’s coronavirus vaccination digital certificate in the new iOS 15.4. So far there is no official statement about the reports of excessive use of the iPhone’s internal storage after the update.

Have you already installed the new version of iOS 15.4 on your iPhone? Have you noticed any suspicious changes in the internal storage? Share your experience in the comments!