March 21, 2023

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Apple reveals the details of a dual charger that costs 559 Brazilian riyals |  cell

Apple reveals the details of a dual charger that costs 559 Brazilian riyals | cell

The An apple The details of the strange two-door charger, which will cost 559 Brazilian riyals in Brazil, have been revealed. The product has 35 watts of power and works on recharging Iphone Together with other company devices, such as, IPADAnd the MacBook AirAnd the Apple Watch even AirPods. According to an official document on the brand’s website, the USB-C power adapter will split 35W between the two connected devices, unless one of them is a watch or headphone, since the latter requires less power.

Apple’s new 35W USB-C Power Adapter has two inputs – Photo: Post / Apple

In this way, if the user connects a group of devices that includes files IphoneAnd the IPAD or MacBook On both ports, they will each be 17.5 watts.

On the other hand, if a consumer connects one of these three devices to one of the outlets and a AirPods or Apple Watch In the second, the largest product will have 27.5 watts, while the second will have only 7.5 watts.

Anyone who needs a faster recharge can only use one entry. The plug adapter itself must redirect all power to the device An apple to which it was connected.

Accessories were announced during the conference WWDC 2022, which took place on June 6. It has two USB-C inputs and one 2-pin jack connector. However, the product does not provide a USB cable, which is sold separately for a minimum price of R$216, but can be as high as R$590 if you have one. MagSafe connection at one end.

Despite the price being put to the public, An apple The charger has not yet begun to be sold in Brazil.

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