May 25, 2024

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Apple said the M1 Ultra could rival the RTX 3090, but benchmarks show it can't.

Apple said the M1 Ultra could rival the RTX 3090, but benchmarks show it can’t.

Not in games or synthetic standards

Apple has very powerful chipsets that power their computers these days. The most powerful of them, which equips the recently launched Mac Studio, and M1 UltraAnd the You will be strong enough to overcome nvidia GeForce RTX 3090One of the most powerful GPUs on the market today. This is what Apple itself said a few days ago. But according to the tests the edgeIn real life, the result is not quite like that.

The M1 Ultra chip is basically two M1 Max together, and according to Apple, it’s up to 3.8 times faster than the regular M1 Max and up to 4.5 times greater graphics performance. All that processing power from the M1 Ultra has given Apple confidence to say that its chips have higher performance than the RTX 3090 and consume 200 watts less than the RTX 3090. GPU Give nvidia.

Many look a little skewed at the company’s own standards, especially when compared to competing devices. What The Verge tests show is that the M1 Ultra doesn’t outperform NVIDIA’s high-end GPU in synthetic benchmarks, not even in gaming.

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The only game tested was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a title from 2018, but it’s still a pain for GPUs. The RTX 3090 was far ahead of the M1 Ultra chip, especially in 4K, with a huge advantage at over 60 frames. The Apple chip didn’t perform badly, but it didn’t even come close to the RTX 3090. The Verge even says the Apple computer experience was faltering at every resolution tested.

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In a synthetic test with Geekbench 5, in the words of The Verge, the Mac Studio “was destroyed” against its hardware equipped with an Intel Core i9-10900 processor, 64GB of RAM, and an RTX 3090. The unmanaged M1 Ultra chip doesn’t even achieve half the performance of a console NVIDIA graphics processing. It is worth noting that the performance of the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra is not enough because Apple itself reveals the top model equipped with the M1 Max.

The M1 Ultra chip has twice as many technical specifications as the M1 Max chip because it is two of these chips combined. That is, 20 CPU cores, 48 ​​GPU cores and 32 Neural Engine cores. To find out the specifications of the M1 Max, just divide by two.

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In the US, a Mac Studio equipped with the M1 Ultra is priced at $6199, while in the The cost of Brazil is R$46,999.


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source: the edge