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Apple tea with rosemary: Learn about the benefits of this homemade blend that boosts your health

Apple tea with rosemary: Learn about the benefits of this homemade blend that boosts your health

Today, March 1, home and farmingFrom technews It will showcase some of the many benefits of Apple tea with rosemary. After all, combining the world’s most consumed fruit with this powerful herb can only result in an amazing, delicious, and affordable combination. So do not waste time and learn how to make the most of this drink.

a Apple tea with rosemary It is great for lovers of soaking, because in addition to being tasty, the drink has benefits even in its aroma. That’s right, thanks to the properties of rosemary, inhaling the steam of the tea can cause a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

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Benefits of apple tea with rosemary

While apples are rich in vitamins and minerals, rosemary in turn contains a large amount of active properties and compounds. In other words, the partnership between these two components can only lead to a wonderful pumping and full of benefits for our body.

Apple tea with rosemary (Canva Pro clone)

improves digestion

With the fiber present in apples, tea greatly helps in improving the digestion of food. In addition, the effect of the drink helps relieve stomach pain caused by heartburn and gastritis. Likewise, the injection reduces the feeling of flatulence caused by gas.

Prevent heart disease

The antioxidant properties in this drink help reduce bad cholesterol that is harmful to the body and causes heart disease. In this way, frequent consumption of infusions can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis.

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Strengthens the immune system

The components of this injection work together to fight free radicals that cause damage to healthy cells in the body. In addition, vitamins A and C present in the drink help protect cells from viruses and bacteria responsible for influenza, colds and infections.

Improves kidney performance

One of the characteristics of tea is that it is a drink that has diuretic properties. In this way, the infusion of the fruit along with the grass helps to improve the functioning of the kidneys. In addition, it contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body, and also helps to combat fluid retention.

How to make

The tea is very quick and easy to prepare. So, just take a little time to prepare the drink. In addition, the infusion can be consumed by the whole family, without contraindications. So, get the following components:

  • 1 medium sprig of rosemary.
  • 1 apple
  • 300 ml of filtered or mineral water.

Step by Step

First, wash the fruit and cut it in half to remove the seeds. Then cut into small pieces. Likewise, wash the lawn thoroughly. Then bring the apples and water to a boil. When it begins to form bubbles, add the rosemary and cover the pan. Now wait for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat. Finally, filter it and if you like, use honey to sweeten Apple tea with rosemary.

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