July 19, 2024

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Apple will be required to use USB-C on iPhone from 2024

Apple will be required to use USB-C on iPhone from 2024

The European Union announced today (7) that it has finally reached a record level for mobile phone cables sold in its territory. According to the decision for a new lawas of 2024, all Smartphones sold in the region You will have to use USB-Cwhich includes Apple iPhones.

In addition to being valid for mobile phones, the new legislation will apply to other electronic devices, including tablets, cameras, headphones, digital readers and even portable video games. According to the announcement by the European Parliament, standardization aims to make life easier for consumers – which could make a difference in a world where more and more cell phones arrive without a charger in the box.

“Under the new rules, consumers will no longer need a different charging device and cable each time they buy a new one,” the official statement from the European Union explains.

adaptation period

Since changing the charger standard is a potentially labor intensive process for manufacturers, the European Union has decided to provide an adaptation period for brands. Just the new rule It will start working in the first semester of 2024.

According to the official procedure, the implementation of the new law begins 24 months after its publication. While the project is in practice approved, the European Parliament and Council will continue to implement a formality until the rule goes into effect – and a conference on the project will take place later today (7).

Apple will be the company most affected by the new law.

Action must be Too sensitive for Apple, which currently markets all of its products globally using lightning inputs. Although legislation requires the switch to USB-C only in Europe, the trend is for the company to adopt the new standard globally, so it doesn’t have to make two copies of all of its devices.

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Failure to follow the legislation can also affect the brand pocket. Last year, Apple sold 241 million mobile phones globally, with about 56 million iPhone units sold in Europe, according to an estimate the edge.

Legislation for shippers

It is worth noting that the relevant legislation targets only chargers with cables. In addition to standardization with USB-C, the European Union has stipulated that at the time of purchase, consumers will be able to choose whether a new cell phone or electronic device will come with a charger in the box.

According to estimates, the new law should reduce the circulation of chargers on the market and ensure the savings of 250 million euros annually on unnecessary purchases of power supplies. According to the figures in the proposal, about 11 thousand tons of e-waste are generated annually by unused chargers.

In addition to standardizing cable chargers, the European Union said it will also work on solutions that include wireless chargers, with better indications of compatibility between devices. Lawmakers are also looking to solutions that include express charging, which should get the attention of lawmakers in the future.