June 16, 2024

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Are there exercises to increase height?

Are there exercises to increase height?

There is a great suspicion on the part of the population is to increase height through certain exercises, as we do with muscles. Are there exercises to increase height?

However, it no longer aroused people’s curiosity, but even the World Health Organization decided to study the topic by supporting research on the topic.

Thus, the World Health Organization supported a survey conducted by the scientific journal eLife that included more than 800 scientists.

For research, scientists analyzed the height of 18, 6 million people in 200 different countries.

The study analyzed the elements that influence the height of a given population, for both the most and the least.

Thus, the study also looked at this myth thus far and presented the results to people. paying off!

Does any exercise increase volume?

And according to a study conducted by eLife in partnership with the World Health Organization, it indicated that yes, it is possible to grow through exercise.

But this data must be interpreted for the purpose of the study, which says that there is a series of decompression on the spine.

However, we need to keep in mind that many people “shrink” as they get older.
However, it should be noted that it is not aging that “shrinks” people, but bad posture, which increases with age.

Therefore, a simple use of the upright position can guarantee you a few centimeters, as well as a safer appearance.

But when it is difficult to keep your spine straight, know that certain exercises can help you not bend and thus increase height.

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are they:

Exercises to improve posture and “growth”

Yoga exercises are among the exercises that are done to improve posture and make you gain a few inches.

Snake position, lying on your stomach with legs extended, and raising the body to the pubic area is a good option.

In addition to this pose, the bending pose will also help to stretch the body. In this exercise, you bend your body to your feet with your legs open.

But it’s not just yoga that improves posture. Cycling and barbell can also contribute to your growth.

So, you now have everything you need to know to gain those extra inches your workout can guarantee.

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