May 22, 2024

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Doctor says: 'Brazil's fault is to go on a honeymoon with the virus'

Doctor says: ‘Brazil’s fault is to go on a honeymoon with the virus’

in the interview to CNN, this Sunday (12), Ricardo Petraco, cardiologist atImperial CollegeHe said from London that “the big mistake for Brazil now is to enter the honeymoon phase with the virus and to think that the epidemic is over,” referring to the emergence of micron variable.

“We’ve learned through the variables that we have to be behind the scenes and look at what’s going on. I think life should go back to normal in Brazil, but there’s no reason to let unvaccinated people into the country or justify unnecessary carnival and festive events until we make sure that every Everything is fine,” he said.

According to the doctor, there is still a lot of information about the micron variant, which is why it is time for caution and caution. “There is more we don’t know than we know [a Ômicron]. What we do know is that it is much more transmissible, and that the number of individuals in the community transmitting disease is much greater and faster than delta and alpha variables. What is not known, he explained, is how dangerous it is.

Petrako explained that with this scenario of uncertainty, the government United kingdom It works with two possibilities: one that the disease will be very mild, and the other that it will actually lead to more deaths.

“We are preparing for the worst case scenario. The right thing is to be conservative now and hope that Ômicron will bring harm to protect us from it, and if not and we see in the future that it was an exaggeration, at least we will not suffer what we experienced in the first two waves,” the doctor said.

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Ricardo Petraco claimed he did not know how long it would take the world to learn more about the micron variable. “I think we need a few weeks, or even a month or more to understand what’s going to happen