June 20, 2024

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Argentine players may have violated health rules when entering Brazil

Argentine players may have violated health rules when entering Brazil

According to the government, those coming from the UK should be isolated; According to Anvisa, the athletes did not cross the country once they arrived in Brazil territory

The Sவோo Paulo State Department of Health is investigating the case of four athletes from Argentina’s main team who entered Brazil this Friday (3) in violation of health rules for the prevention of corona virus. The exam will be held at the Neocommica arena this Sunday (5). Information from the website.

According to the folder, the National Institutes of Health (ANVISA) did not report that athletes Martinez, Fuentia, Lo Celso and Romero, who play in the UK, have been in the UK for less than 14 days. According to the Civil House order, this is against the rules.

“During the last fourteen days after entering the UK territory, through Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of India, the traveler who meets the rules of Article 3, with the origin or history of the passage, must be in isolation for fourteen days,” he says.

According to Anisa, such soldiers denied arriving at the Guerrero airport in Caracas after Venezuela’s victory that they had crossed countries with restrictions such as the United Kingdom.

A meeting between the state government, the agency and the examiner is scheduled to take place this Saturday (4) to resolve the case.

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