May 18, 2024

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Writer Hillary Mandel wants to leave the UK and become a European again

Writer Hillary Mandel wants to leave the UK and become a European again

British novelist Hillary Mantel, who left the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020, said she would like to apply for Irish citizenship to “return to Europe”.

According to an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica this Saturday (4), the author, who criticized the monarchy for “confusing her”, said she “feels good in a republic”.

“I hope I can soon go the other way around my family and become an Irishman,” explained Mandel, who is of Irish descent.

The project was “halted” by the Covid-19 epidemic, and the 69-year-old novelist, winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize for Literature twice, was announced by Thomas Cromwell, Minister of King Henry VIII for the first two to three volumes. England.

Although she enjoys living on the “coast” in southwestern England, the novelist explains that she “feels the need to pack her bags quickly and return to Europe”.

According to her, the UK is “an artificial and dangerous construction”.

In the same interview, the author criticizes his repeated encounters with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a staunch supporter of Brexit.

“It should not be in public life, I am sure you know it,” he said, expressing “shame on living in a country that has chosen this government”.

Mandel also called the Brexit pro “immature, hypocritical and often absurd opportunists.”

Brexit has increased the number of applications for Irish citizenship from British-born British who want to defend their freedom of movement in the European Union.

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