May 25, 2024

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Article - Revista Galileu says: Eliminating Covid-19 may be easier than polio

Article – Revista Galileu says: Eliminating Covid-19 may be easier than polio

A man is discharged from hospital after being treated for Covid-19 at a hospital in Recife (Photo: Andréa Rêgo Barros / PCR)

Based on several variables related to epidemics, New Zealand scholars compared COVID-19, a smallpox it’s at poliomyelitis Regarding the prospects for their global eradication and the discovery of a light at the end of the tunnel: the results indicate that the disease is caused by new corona virus It is more likely to be eradicated and the operation appears to be more viable than it was with polio.

Published on Monday (9) in the journal Global Health BMJThe study evaluated the three infections based on technical, socio-political, and economic factors affecting the goal of eradication. Among them were lifelong immunity, the effect of measures Public Health, the government administration adheres to infection control messages and the availability of a Serum Safe and effective.

If Covid-19 showed advantages over polio, smallpox scored the highest of the three in terms of potential for eradication. With two of the three polio serotypes eradicated and smallpox completely eradicated since 1980, experts have taken into account the context of each outbreak to legitimize the comparison.

For the three infections, the main influencing factors are sufficiently high vaccination coverage, but with respect to SARS-CoV-2This challenge is still expanding to include an immunization capable of fighting Variables. “However, there are of course limits to viral evolution, so we can expect that the virus will eventually reach peak fitness, and new vaccines can be formulated,” the authors say in the research paper.

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In a scoring system of zero to three for each of the 17 variables, smallpox had a mean score of 2.7 versus 1.6 for Covid-19 and 1.5 for polio. They concluded, “Although our analysis is an initial effort, with many subjective components, it appears to place the eradication of Covid-19 in areas where it might be possible, particularly in terms of technical feasibility.”

Until then, the world still faces obstacles including rising costs of vaccination and modernizing health systems, as well as governments impeding international cooperation by promoting a kind of “vaccination nationalism” and Lyrics unlike Sciences.

Vaccines are not just eliminated

On the other hand, the researchers point out that there is also an “unprecedented global desire for disease control and huge investment in pandemic vaccination” (NPI) pharmaceutical companies.

contact tracing, Use More expensive it’s the distance: after are some examples that, along with immunization, could put an end to the epidemic, according to a study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences published in May this year in the journal quantitative biology.

More so in the diversified development scenario, the herd immunity It depends on the duration of vaccine responses and the efficiency of the immunizing devices. From this, the general policies of health The daily vaccination rate to be supplemented by NPIs should be determined, the Chinese study suggests.