May 22, 2024

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Unimed Pato Branco begins its services at the new Oncology Center |  Special Announcement - Unimed Pato Branco

Unimed Pato Branco begins its services at the new Oncology Center | Special Announcement – Unimed Pato Branco

After learning that many beneficiaries are looking for cancer treatment options outside the operator’s coverage area, Unimed Pato Branco began analyzing the possibility of opening its own oncology center.

That is why the Oncology Center was established with the aim of ensuring satisfactory and humane care for cancer patients near their homes and the people they love.

Medical Team: Dr. Alain Felipe Bello Secco, Dr. Liara Tossett, Dr. Fernanda Janones Manfredino – Photo: Marcel Almeida/CameleonMct

To achieve these goals, the Oncology Center has a team of highly trained professionals, consisting of three clinical oncologists, with extensive experience in the specialized care and treatment of cancer patients, and a multidisciplinary team, consisting of two nurses and a pharmacist, all of whom are oncologists, as well as a specialist Nutrition and psychiatrist.

Multidisciplinary medical team – Photo: Marcel Almeida / Camalonmket

In terms of infrastructure, the oncology center makes it possible to manipulate chemotherapy, which is a chemotherapy room, where oncology, immunotherapy and hormone therapy are performed. As well as other medications for supportive therapies. In addition, for patients to be safe in their care, the entire physical space is built in accordance with the rules and standards required by the device regulatory bodies for this activity.

A modern and welcoming environment – Photo: Marcel Almeida / Camalonmect

All this allows Unimed to operate with a focus on comprehensive care for patients and their families, providing a warm and comfortable environment, while prioritizing high quality care and agility in terms of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the southwestern region of Paraná.

The new Unimed Oncology Center has started its services at Rua Tamoio, 253, attached to the administrative headquarters located in downtown Bato Branco.

Pharmacêutica Oncologia, Yhara Marianna Severgnini Mezzomo

Infirmira Oncologist, Anna Rosa Giaccito

Oncology nurse, Flavia Melissa Raldi Correa da Silva

Nutricionista, Priscilla Reolon Belandi

Psychologist, Tuani Savaris Tiger

Administrative Assistant, Thinara Elysian Paz

Alan Philippe Bello Secco (CRM 34270)

Liara Camila Tusset (CRM 42046)

Fernanda Janonis Manfredino (CRM 30400)