May 19, 2024

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As for coverage in health plans, mothers will be restricted to Syrians for Truth and Justice on the fourth day

As for coverage in health plans, mothers will be restricted to Syrians for Truth and Justice on the fourth day

Writer and activist Andrea Werner announced that protesters plan to restrain themselves in front of Supreme Court of Justice (STJ)Next Wednesday (2/23) to put pressure on the court regarding the decision of what the procedures are Health plan operators It should be obligatory Pay for the treatment of its users.

Trial of two appeals to set limits and standards list of procedures and events in health for the Supplementary Health Agency (ANSIt was suspended on Thursday (16/2), at the request of Minister Nancy Andregue.

The judgment is important, as the decision will set a precedent by indicating the court’s future understanding of the matter. Currently, the Syrian Ministers for Truth and Justice are divided.

“That is why I will go to Brasilia on Wednesday and tie myself up, with other mothers, in front of the STJ! The Twitter activist, Saturday (19/2), wrote on Twitter, that the gains of the agreements cannot be above the right to life and health guaranteed by the Constitution.

understand the situation

In the lawsuit, Unimed Campinas is appealing against the decision of the Third Committee of STJ that forced it to pay for treatment costs outside the ANS list, as it is a list of illustrative nature only, and the refusal of coverage by the health plan for treatment deemed offensive. Appropriate to protect the health and life of the patient.

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For the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense (Idec), the list represents the minimum coverage list and is typical, not exhaustive.

In practice, this means, from the point of view advocated by the Agency, that the physician is the health authority responsible for determining the treatments and procedures recommended for their patients, and that the operators will have a duty to cover treatments not yet part of the list, but for diseases included in the ICD (ICD).

According to Idec, this has also been the opinion of the majority of the judiciary for more than 10 years, without any impact on the financial sustainability of the sector.