September 24, 2023

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Farinha de arroz realmente é boa para a saúde? Descubra os fatos e como utilizá-la nas refeições

Is rice flour really good for health? Find out the facts and how to use them in meals

In supermarkets, it is common to find many flours made from the most diverse ingredients. Usually, we are only used to the traditional type, which is wheat. However, it becomes common every day to want to replace it to try new and healthier things. That’s why today, February 20, 2022, here, at home and farmingFrom technewsyou will meet rice flour.

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The most common types of flour, in addition to wheat, are rice, chickpeas, oats, flaxseeds and chia. Each of them has its benefits and properties. The question that remains is whether it is really better than wheat. In order to dispel myths and bring the facts about the benefits rice flourWe have created this article just for you.

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Is rice flour really good for health? Find out the facts and how to use them in meals (Image: pexels)

The health benefits of rice flour

Preparing dishes with flour is very present in our daily life, whether in bread, pie or cake. But is the consumption of this food nutritious? Here we will tell you how eating rice flour can help you enjoy better health.

rich in zinc

Unlike other flours that contain minerals, such as cassava flour, rice flour actually contains an abundance of zinc. Thus, about 5 mg of the mineral can be found in about 100 grams. Zinc is a very important mineral for the body, as it is responsible for ensuring the functioning of the immune system, and in this way, it protects your body, improves your health and increases your life expectancy. In addition to zinc, this flour is also rich in manganese and phosphorous.

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Vitamin source

Rice flour is also rich in vitamin B6 and C, providing 2 and 173 mg per 100 grams of them, respectively, while regular wheat flour does not effectively contain these nutrients. These vitamins, allied with zinc, work in the body to ensure its proper functioning and complete health.

without gluten

Although it seems common, many people have gluten intolerance. In this way, this flour is an ally because it is affordable and gives this part of the population the opportunity to prepare delicious bread and cake without problems.

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Is rice flour really good for health?  Find out the facts and how to use them in meals
Is rice flour really good for health? Find out the facts and how to use them in meals (Image: pexels)

Rice flour or wheat flour, which is better?

Knowing which flour is the best does not require much work, while wheat flour hardly finds traces of minerals and vitamins, in addition to the presence of gluten, rice flour collects all these nutrients and can be tolerated by people who are intolerant to it.

Moreover, when we talk about fiber, the rice flour It also wins, which is great for those who want to lose weight. This is because it gives a feeling of satiety and reduces hunger and in this way contributes to weight loss.

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