May 26, 2024

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Australia lifts international travel ban on Australians and Australians |  Globalism

Australia lifts international travel ban on Australians and Australians | Globalism

a Australia It will lift the ban on international travel for Australian citizens and people with permanent residence in the country, the local government announced on Wednesday (26).

Australians have spent more than 18 months with borders closed due to the pandemic. Tourism in the country remains closed to foreigners.

After more than a year and a half of ban, Australians and people who have permanent and lawful residence in the country will not have to request exemptions to be able to leave the countryReport to the Ministry of Interior and Health.

According to the Home Secretary, Karen Andrews, by the end of the year, the borders are also expected to reopen to fully vaccinated foreign students and eligible workers.”

“The national plan to reopen Australia is working because vaccination rates are rising,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

The stalemate against the pandemic

A man walks on an empty street in Brisbane, Australia, on March 30 after a city lockdown was imposed – Image: AAP Image/Darren England via Reuters

In March 2020, Australia introduced one of the world’s strongest restrictions plans to contain the pandemic.

Despite an initial start, the country’s vaccination rate is now close to 80% after a winter marked by the outbreak of a delta-related disease outbreak, prompting Australian authorities to change their strategy against the virus, Leave the idea of ​​”Zero Covid”“.

Quarantine programs for residents arriving in Australia depend on the region of entry. Sydney has canceled this measure, but in areas with low immunization rates, isolation for 14 days in a hotel must be respected.