May 30, 2024

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Aya Neo 2021 Pro Ryzen 7 4800U portable console available at $1,215

Aya Neo 2021 Pro Ryzen 7 4800U portable console available at $1,215

Another mini laptop made to compete with Steam Deck

Today (10) Aya Neo announced that it will release new versions of its portable console based on help Risen: Hey Aya New 2021 Pro NS Aya New 2021 Pro Retro Power, both are equipped with help AMD Risen 7 4800U for laptops. Advertised prices start from 1215 USD.

Also in March of this year, we reported here at Adrenaline that the standard edition of the Aya Neo portable console Launched for $789 via crowdfunding, a device containing help Risen 5 4500U NS Vega 6. Now, the Aya Neo 2021 Pro and Aya Neo 2021 Pro Retro Power models have received great value promotion to Risen 7 4800Uwhich has 8 cores and 16 threads next to 8 cores VGA graphics Integrated companies operating in it 1750 MHz.

Photo: Aya New

2021 Pro version with 1TB storage will be released by 1215 USD While the 2021 Pro Retro Power will be released with a capacity of 1 TB 1,315 USD. The two consoles will also have 2TB of different storage in the future, but the pricing hasn’t been released yet.

The main difference to the Aya Neo 2021 Pro Retro Power lies in its design, as the device imitates the color style of NES. The manufacturer also announced a “dock station” for another $100 with the purchase of the Retro Power, as well as a 108W charger and mechanical keyboard that also follows the same retro color scheme.

Photo: Aya New

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Valve announces Steam Deck, its PC
Laptop with AMD Dedicated CPU

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Previously only available through crowdfunding, the Aya Neo 2021 will be officially launched on end of August For $925 (512GB of storage), while The Pro models will be launched in mid-September.

Photo: Aya New

This announcement comes shortly after the Steam Deck was revealed, as well as a dedicated wizard with it 8 graphics cores made with a new microarchitecture (RDNA 2), will be issued by 649 USD (512 GB version). When analyzing the relationship between performance and cost between two dedicated laptops, we see much greater potential for Steam Deck.

via: TechPowerUp Source: Aya New