July 25, 2024

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Battlefield 2042 could become a free-to-play title thanks to a disastrous launch

Battlefield 2042 could become a free-to-play title thanks to a disastrous launch

Electronic Arts is studying track options for the title

It was marked by a disastrous release and updates not yet implemented He failed to correct most of the criticism of the players, Battlefield 2042 may undergo major changes soon. According to insider Tom Henderson, Electronic Arts is “very disappointed” with the state of the game and is even considering Implementation of free-to-play aspects of the experience created by DICE.

As Henderson stated on his Twitter account, The publisher is still “considering its options” regarding the game’s future.. The poor business performance of the company’s job title led to it starting to invest in what it calls “Battlefield universe“, One Major restructuring of the series to be directed by Vince Zampella (Give Entertainment Repost).

While determining the future of Battlefield 2042, DICE continues to work on bug fixes and new content additions. The developer recently released Update 3.2, which brings a new interface to the scoreboard in response to community requests since launch.

DICE is another major update for Battlefield 2042

In addition to the latest patch, the first-person shooter also gets a number of special events, including modo Zombie Survival. Set to run until January 27, he invites players to work together to make it happen Survive hordes of zombies.

– Continues after announcement –

for the near future, DICE is already working on Update 3.3 which promises to bring deeper changes to the way the game works. In addition to continuing to fine-tune the scoreboards, the company is promising to make improvements to matchmaking systems and the overall performance of Battlefield 2042.

In December 2021, Tom Henderson released details about Address development processWhich was marked by the farewell of veteran developers and changes in direction. According to him, Electronic Arts has learned of the issues and the need to postpone the game againBut he was determined to stick to its release date anyway.


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