June 21, 2024

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BBB22: Arthur is shocked by an ally's situation after the vote and blasts: 'I was pissed off'

BBB22: Arthur is shocked by an ally’s situation after the vote and blasts: ‘I was pissed off’

Arthur was shocked by the Allies’ choice to attempt a rescue from a wall on Friday (08) and exploded after the end of the live broadcast on BBB22

Arthur Agyar He was not at all happy to find out who his allies chose to impregnate them on the wall on Friday (08) in BBB22. After the live broadcast ends with Lyn da QuebradaAnd Gustavo And Eliezer In the hot seat, he famously made a point to expose his indignation.

“I’m not mad at you. But there I already bought a scenario that you didn’t even know about. If you wait for Pedro [Scooby] He arrives and says, “I have immunized Gustavo,” this position would be appropriate. But before Pedro, she lacked enthusiasm even more.”Panicked, after a feud with Ally, he hung in a grunge room.

It was then that the actor decided to defend his point of view. “What logic ran in my head. In the last game of discord, with the position of millions, he gave it to you. The general manager is the leader, and the authority is fortified”, Bro started.

“There are three of us, I thought logically. Well, PA will fortify me for our relationship, Pedro will save Gustavo and Gustavo will save Scooby. And I will save Scooby. Everyone will have at least one. It was my thoughts.”Arthur added.

In the end, husband Mira Cardi He still states that he was hurt by his teammate. “When I entered the room and the PA said he saved Gustavo, I said, ‘Forget I was angry. Don’t you think Scooby will save me too?'”Asked. “I wasn’t sure of anything”Al-Maswar responded.

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Pedro Scobe shields Paulo Andre

Pedro Scooby He won the angel test BBB22 At a crucial moment of the match. This is the second time he has won the race. The dispute sponsored by the Mortadella brand consists of three phases.

During the live version, the surfer decided to immunize the brother Paulo Andre, who went to the last two planes of confinement. Despite the selection, the Olympic athlete was not the choice to vote for tonight’s competition group.