September 24, 2023

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BBB22: Jesse reveals heartache after her sister's 'betrayal': 'I never imagined'

BBB22: Jesse reveals heartache after her sister’s ‘betrayal’: ‘I never imagined’

betrayal? In Bate-Papo BBB, Jesse reveals her sister’s grief and recalls a stressful moment; research

former sister Giselean Alvesor just Jesse To those close to BBB22, Sunday Night (17) revealed that she felt betrayed by a participant in the reality show.

In BBB Chat, Rafa Kaliman I remembered the moment the members of the Lollipop Room chose the teacher to go to the wall.

I was literally surprised, I didn’t think they would vote for me“A biologist analyzed.”But of all the people out there, the one who really hurt me was Larissa. Because I waited, I made predictions about her by what she said when she arrived and I couldn’t imagine“.

She explained:T . saidraz a letter to move the game, to put other people who haven’t gone to the wall yet. Enter the game, and go to the room which until then was the most comfortable of all, and still voted for me, it was a surpriseJesse still remembers that ‘lollipops’ had already decided to vote for her:”AndThey agreed that they would vote for me first“.


the host Thaddeus Schmidt break protocol and pay a sentimental tribute to Jiseilanwho had just left BBB22.

While he was still in the studio upon receiving it, he asked the sister the reasons why the godparents had left sequentially. She didn’t know how to answer and was confused.

“I think Nat for the struggles, Lena for being so strong and I don’t even know what to say. I was hoping this would happen, but I’m happy”He said.

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