June 22, 2024

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Bernardinho sees Cesc-Flamengo looking for rhythm in the Premier League and putting pressure on opponents |  volleyball

Bernardinho sees Cesc-Flamengo looking for rhythm in the Premier League and putting pressure on opponents | volleyball

Every Superliga duel is tough, but can you imagine facing Sesi-Bauru and Osasco, semi-finalists last season? Well, Sesc-Flamengo will make his debut in competition against Bauru, away from home, and in the next round he will take on the current champion from São Paulo.

Sesc-Flamengo’s appearance in the 2021/2022 Women’s Superliga will be against Sesi-Bauru on Friday, 9 p.m., with live broadcast on SporTV 2.

Cesc Flamengo in the second final of Carioca 2021 – Photo: Gilvan de Sousa / Flamengo

The biggest problem, in Bernardinho’s view, is the rhythm of the match, as Flamengo’s players have played only twice, in the state’s return leg. And while FC Rio de Janeiro only entered the field in the final against Fluminense, the two contenders fought five matches in the Paulista classification stage, semi-finals and finals, in the case of Osasco.

So, the big question is this. We need to speed up, we have to do well, because we only played two games, right? The other teams played five, six or ten matches at a fantastic level. We played two good games against Fluminense, a well-assembled team, but the question is: earn the rhythm, be a team, be able to change, mix like we did in Carioca’s decision and know we’re going to play against very strong. Teams that have a higher tempo – said the red and black coach.

The biggest Superliga champion with 12 titles in his pocket, Sesc-Flamengo hasn’t maintained his style in recent seasons, as the team was eliminated in the quarter-finals. In 2018/2019, Sesi-Bauru made history by finishing a streak of 14 consecutive Sesc finals and qualifying for the semi-finals. Due to the coronavirus, the 2019/2020 edition has been cancelled, and in 2020/2021, Bauro is back to win the Sesc-Flamengo title in the quarter-finals.

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– When Rio, Sesc enters the stadium, we always have something there. As strong as they are, we can sometimes surprise them. We’ll see. They are very powerful teams. First of them, Bauru, then Osasco. The responsibility lies with them. They have an obligation to win in that first moment. So let’s click there – complete Bernardino.

Drussyla in pre-season with Sesi-Bauru – Photo: Marcelo Ferrazoli / Sesi-SP

Now at Sesi-Bauru, striker Drussyla has analyzed the quarter-final reissue from last season and mentioned the changing moment for the team, who were eliminated in the semi-finals from Paulista to Barueri, by José Roberto Guimarães.

– It will be a very difficult match. Sesc-Flamengo is a team with a great deal of size, as it is a trait that their coach, Bernardo, likes to imprint in his teams, as well as a very strong defense. It also has great tips and a very sturdy seat, with little girls and different characteristics that end up making a good group. In addition, after the recent results in the state, we are trying to find a new game feature and are focused on looking for better performance in the Superliga – said the former Flamengo athlete.