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Businessman Gabriel Pereira reveals meeting with Corinthians and progress in renewal negotiations

Businessman Gabriel Pereira reveals meeting with Corinthians and progress in renewal negotiations

Ivan Rocha, director of midfielder Gabriel Pereira, opened the match about negotiations with Corinthians to renew the athlete’s contract. According to the representative, there was a meeting at CT Joaquim Grava on Friday, with the club’s board of directors, as work moved towards the player’s survival.

Today, there has been so much progress, it took four or five hours (meeting). I want to talk tomorrow, we will have a possible meeting tomorrow. Either renewing or not playing is unfair to Gabriel, because we started trading today. That was, yes, but we are trying in a friendly way to make the fans understand,” Evan said, in an interview with the show. beta friend, Act Bandsports.

The information came, we talked and prepared very satisfactory numbers of situations. “The president knows that we will do everything to survive,” he added.

Gabriel Pereira has contract with Timão until March 31, 2022 and You can now sign a pre-contract with any club in the world and leave for free at the end of the contract. Project owner confirmed Attention from other teamsAt the national and international levels in the contract with the midfielder, but stressed the lack of formal negotiations.

“I have not opened negotiations with anyone, I always put Corinthians first. There are clubs in Brazil that are interested in Gabriel, but we have to be fair. I have given two mandates, yes, for people to work (with proposals from other clubs). “But I never want to grab a player in the hand, I don’t like to do that,” he explained.

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The Council considered Gabriel Pereira’s renewal with Corinthians “in progress”. Despite this, the deal has remained closed in recent weeks. According to the businessman, all the information received regarding the requested amounts is incorrect and negotiations began only on Friday.

“I went to CT a few times, talked to Roberto and Alessandro, but we never really talked about numbers, today was the first time. We went to CT, had some prospecting meetings, where Corinthians always showed interest in regeneration. Had more meetings, we couldn’t make Sale process. I wanted to get it done ASAP, I knew Corinthians and fans’ concern,” Evan refuted.

The businessman highlighted Gabriel’s desire to stay at Alfinegro Club and provided some details about the terms of the negotiation. For him, neither side will leave the deal completely satisfied and it is necessary to surrender to both sides.

“Our idea is a three-year contract, but there are fines, partners and many situations. Not everything can be good for everyone, one has to give up. There are Brazilian and foreign clubs who want me to throw everything in the air and make fun of Corinthians. I won’t.”

Finally, Evan highlighted a request from Corinthians fans not to blame the player for the delay in a potential deal. For him, it’s not fair for Gabriel to walk away from the team, let alone tease him from the stands.

“I want the fans to understand that the desire to renew is real, otherwise I wouldn’t even sit at the table. I’ve spoken to other clubs. That’s not what I want. Gabriel is interested in staying at Corinthians, he needs a process Corinthians should understand that everyone works and needs to be appreciated, Because I think progress has already been made today,” concluded Evan.

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